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Abukir is located west of the city of Yehsha. To gain access you have to complete the Access To Abukir Quest.



Mark Place NPC Job Additional Information
D Depot Abdullah Postman -
T Temple  ?  ? -
B Bank
Mana Shop
Food Shop
Fahima (0)
Zuleika (+1)
Anton (+1)
Mana Shop Owner
Food Seller
E Equipment Store Hassan (+1) EQ Seller -
F Furniture Store Alianna (+1) Furniture Seller -
A Ammunition Store Rasul (+1) Ammunition Seller -
J Jewellery Store Evona Jewelry Seller -
1 Ship Captain Musa Ship's Captain -
2   Randy Fisherman -
3   Fero Druid -
4 Food Tibon Food Salesman -
5   Sirah Mother of Aremis and Wulkan Ask her for a mission
6   Omar Kitchen Chief Ask him for some missions
7   Nesjo   Related to the
Explorer Outfit Quest
8 Armor Store Delia (0), Tamara (+1)   -
9   Marx Hunter Related to the
Patrician Outfit Quest
10 Church and graveyard Oliver (+1), Valus (+2)   Related to a quest
11 Goverment
Rune Shop
Dunnar (+1)
Leila (+2)
City Leader
Related to a quest

(Abukir was added to Medivia as a city in the Summer Update of 2015.)