Abukir Quests

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Abukir Quests
Name Level Location Reward

Abukir Carpet Issue Quest

- Abukir Possibility to use Abukir carpet.

Access to Abukir Quest

- Garrogat, Osaris, Yehsha, Venore, and Abukir

Ability to travel to Abukir, and then the ability to travel back

Assassin Outfit Quest

- Abukir Assassin Outfit

Explorer Outfit Quest

- Abukir Explorer Outfit

Exploring the Corrupted Island

- Abukir

Possibility to access corrupted isle, Key 7003

Helping a friend Aremis Quest

- Abukir

Possibility to trade with Aremis

Helping a friend Wulkan Quest

- Abukir

Possibility to trade with Wulkan

In service of Omar

- Abukir Discount for food

Patrician Outfit Quest

- Abukir Patrician Outfit

RoTS Quest

90 Abukir

Ring of the Sky, Key 7000

The Plaguebringers of Abukir

100 Abukir  For everyone: Quicksand Boots and an Ancient Backpack. Choice between three items: Soul EmeraldAncient Crossbow and Magician's Staff.

Two Handed Sword Quest

- Abukir Two Handed Sword