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Heart.png Hit Points: 10000
Xp.png Experience: 30000
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: --
Abilities:Summons Stone Golem (1), Energy Field Bomb, Great Energy Ball (400~), Big Energy Wave (300-600~), Burst arrow (300-500~), Energy Missile (100-300~), Self Healing (0-10000~), Life Drain (0-80~), Melee (0-100~), Mana Drain (0-70~), Paralyze
Push Objects:
Walks Around:??
Est. Max Damage:1500~ per turn
Immune To:Energy, Ice?, Fire, Poison?, Paralyze?, Invisibility?
Neutral To:Physical
Sounds:"Leave my tressure alone!"; "I did not invite you here!"; "Even a pig is a better mage than you."
Note:It retargets. It can also heal from very red hp to full hp.
Strategy:Spawns in an announced rare raid on Winterbay.
Beware, he has very fast attacks! A knight of level 200+ with a healer recommended to block. Trap him in a corner and combo him down with Sudden Death runes (6-12 mid-high level shooters to combat his massive heals). Stay diagonal to avoid his Large Energy Wave, you will still get hit by his Energy Missiles and Burst Arrows, often in the same turn (600-1000 damage per turn).
Loot:0-67 gp, Golden Armor, Skull Staff, Ring of the Sky, Blue Robe, Talon, Small Sapphire, Energy Ring, Crystal Ring, 0-7 Cherry, Inkwell, Bread, Candlestick, Baked Lionfish Recipe, Exquisite Sweet Puffer Feast Recipe, Exquisite Barbel Feast Recipe, Exquisite Lionfish Feast Recipe
Location:First floor of Alawar's castle on Winterbay, here[1]

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