Black Sheep

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Black Sheep
Black Sheep
Heart.png Hit Points: 20
Xp.png Experience: 0
Summon.png Summon: 250(Illusionable)
Convince.png Convince: 250
Push Objects:
Walks Around:Fire, Poison, Energy.
Est. Max Damage:0
Immune To:None.
Neutral To:Physical, Energy, Poison, Life Drain.
Task:100 (Experience Tasks)
Note:They are the same as Sheep except for their colour. They are considered quite rare.
Strategy:Sheep always run from attackers. Chase them and kill them with any weapon.
Loot:0-4 Meat
Skinnable:Black Wool
Location:Femor Hills [here], Drefia [here], Calcanea [here].

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