Forgula Fire Devils

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Requires: Access to Forgula, Rope, Shovel, 'Pick, 'Levitate Spell.

Route from Sven's boat

Fire Devils 1.png
Fire Devils 2.png
Fire Devils 3.png

There is a semi-rare Alpha Wolf spawn on the way, so you can check it passing by.

Fire Devils 4.png

You will have to use pick here

Fire Devils 5.png

Use levitate spell or parcels.

Fire Devils 6.png
Fire Devils 7.png

Again use the pick, the blue circle is postman mailbox.







And it's all the way, in this pit you will find 8 fire devils with pretty fast respawn time.


Tips: If you re paladin, good idea is to use spears and take a lot of food with you.
Its good idea to take parcel with yourself, because there is postman mailbox on the way, and you probably will loot a lot of scimitars and double axes.
Fire devil can deal 150 dmg/turn, but 4 of them can make 600dmg combo, so never run on low health.
There is also spawn of phenakite (1-4 ores ) and vanadinite (1 ore).