Forgula Nether Spiders

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Forgula Nether Spiders FrostDragonNew.pngNether_Spider.gifNether_Spider_Small.gifslime.gifCorruption_Spider.gif

near: Forgula Gate
Location: North east from Forgula gate.
General Info: Also there is a Poisoned Bow quest and the spawn of one Frost Dragon.
Tasks: This place is recommended for doing the Nether Spider task for The Order of Holy Rose faction.
Loot: Plate armor, Steel Helmet, Poison Dagger, Strange Helmet, Double Axe, Brass Legs, Spider Silk, Time Ring, Nether Fang, Nether Shield, Knight Armor, Knight Legs, Poisoned Bow, Venomshot Bolt, Platinum Amulet

Location and Route:

Required Equipment:

On the picture number 4 you will need to dig hole in the wall.

external image nether_spiders_way.png

Inside the cave:

Picture Name Experience Hitpoints


Nether Spiderling

48 30



320 150


Nether Spider

3500 2620


Corrupted Spider

4700 3400


Frost Dragon

5200  ??

Small Spawn (A)

external image Small_spawn.png

Big Spawn (B)

external image big_spawn.png

Red markers - Nether Spider spawn.
Yello dot - Entrance to Poisoned Bow quest

*Note: Some of Nether Spider got diffrient spawn time so do not be surprised if they wont spawn all the time.

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