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Garrogat is a city located on an island to the north-east of the Medivian Continent.
The city is under the rule of King Ulf the Second.



Number Location NPC Role 
1 Ship Captain Breg Ship's Captain
2 Temple Celan Sister of the Order (Healer)
3 Depot, Post Chloe Postwoman
4 Castle King Ulf the Second
Ruppel Heldmann (+2) 



Grandmaster of the Order
Monk of the Order

5 Jewellery Leunaurd Jewelry Shopkeeper
6 Furniture Shop Thordvald Furniture Shopkeeper
7 Magic Towers (-1) Cicimola
(A 0) Meshib
(A+2) Northimbar
(A+3) Jodi
(A+4) Norna
(B-1) Lianda
(B 0) Glechoma
(B+2) Professor Flitwick
(B+3) Togrim
Fluid salesman
Mushroom salesman
Ring saleswoman
Spellbook saleswoman
Spell teacher (Strikes)
Spell teacher (Instant spells)
Spell teacher (Healing spells)
8 Tvindorath's Hut Tvindorath Spell teacher (Ultimate Explosion, only after quest)
9 Bank Montaro Banker
10 Umbal's house Umbal Healer
11 Nordag's Island Nordag Sage, spell teacher
12 Mountain Pass Avar Tar Hero


Number Location NPC Role
13 Shop Ina Clotch saleswoman
14 Shop Risdarick Weaponry salesman
15 Bar Hermann

(+4) Pino


Gryphon Caretaker

16 Shop Fimba Equipment saleswoman