Heavy Magic Missile

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Heavy magic missile rune.png Heavy Magic Missile
Incantation: adori gran
Cost: 600 gp
Magic Level: 3 (spell) 3 (to use)
Charges: 5
Mana: 50 magic points
Effect: Conjures a Heavy Magic Missile that causes Energy Damage on a single target.
Note: A very commonly used rune by all the vocations.
Buy spell from:
City Clerics Sorcerers Scouts
Ab'dendriel Elathriel --- Elathriel
Carlin Padreia Lea Legola
Garrogat --- --- ---
Kazordoon --- Etzel ---
Osaris Bedhin Bedhin Nafir
Thais Marvik Muriel Elane
Venore Smiley Chatterbone Asrak
Yehsha Rahkem Haffnal Nadim
Buy rune from:
City NPC Price (rune) Price (BP)
Ab'dendriel Map.png Shiriel 100 gp 2000 gp
Abukir Map.png Leila 100 gp 2000 gp
Carlin Map.png Rachel 100 gp 2000 gp
Garrogat Map.png Jodi 100 gp 2000 gp
Icenhaal Map.png Frankie 100 gp 2000 gp
Kazordoon Map.png Sigurd 100 gp 2000 gp
Osaris Map.png Hylsa 100 gp 2000 gp
Thais Map.png Xodet 100 gp 2000 gp
Venore Map.png Frans 100 gp 2000 gp
Yehsha Map.png Cherf 100 gp 2000 gp

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