How to Make Money on Novus

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Making Money on Novus

There are some really good ways of making money on Novus, although the best by far include making loot bags.
  1. Trolls
  2. Skeletons
  3. Minotaurs


Trollare good for cash as they drop 0-12gp per kill, giving the largest range of cash in all of Novus.


Even to an experienced Novustayer, Skeletoncan deal some damage as they have a life drain ability, dealing 7-13 damage. This bypasses all resistances and is the reason why they are quite deadly to the unsuspecting victim. On the plus side, they drop quite a lot of loot (Hatches, Maces, Brass Shields, Viking Helmets). Compared to Minotaurs, they also have less durability and health meaning they are far easier to kill


The best way of making a sizable loot bag are Minotaur. Whether you're at the Minotaur Lair or Minotaur Hell, there are quite a few of these beasts in Novus.

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