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Heart.png Hit Points: 70
Xp.png Experience: 88
Summon.png Summon: 355(Illusionable)
Convince.png Convince: 355
Abilities:Melee (0-35), Poisons you 1 hp/turn.
Push Objects:
Walks Around:Fire, Energy, Poison
Est. Max Damage:36 hp per turn
Immune To:None.
Neutral To:Physical, Fire, Energy, Poison, Life Drain.
Task:1000 (The Osaris Faction)
Note:A larva will never retreat (they will fight until death).
They have low defense and are found in large groups, making them good for leveling.
Strategy:They are easy to kill.
WarriorsUse the same tactic as always, weapon and shield, just treat it like a Rotworm.
Sorcerers and ClericsUse decent equipment before you try hunting them. They do quite a lot damage when you are surrounded.
ScoutsCan hunt larvas with spears and a shield from a low level.
Loot:0-10 gp, 0-1 Meat.
Location:Yehsha larva caves, Yehsha Tombs

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