Minotaur Guard

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Minotaur Guard
Heart.png Hit Points: 185
Xp.png Experience: 320
Summon.png Summon: 550
Convince.png Convince: 550
Abilities:Melee (0-100).
Push Objects:
Walks Around:Fire, Energy, Poison
Est. Max Damage:100 hp per turn
Immune To:None
Neutral To:Physical, Energy, Fire, Life Drain
Sounds:"Kirrl Karrrl!"; "Kaplar".
Task:650 Kills (The Dwarf Faction)
Note:Minotaur Guards will kill weaker creatures to reach a player. They can also retarget. A minotaur guard will never retreat (they fight until death). Besides the bosses, Minotaur Guards have the strongest Melee of the Minotaurs.
Loot:0-20 gp,Brass Armor (semi-rare), Chain Armor (semi-rare), Battle Shield (rare), Fishing Rod (rare), Minotaur Hoof (rare) Double Axe (very rare)
Location:Ancient Temple, Mintwallin, Minotaur Pyramid, Maze of Lost Souls, Folda, Cyclopolis, Deeper Vilias Dungeon (level 50+ to open the door), Hero Cave, underground of Elvenbane, Plains of Havoc, Kazordoon Minotaur Cave

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