Novus Quests

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Quests on Novus

Name Level Location Reward

A Good Soldier Quest

0 Novus

Wooden Shield, Leather Helmet, Leather Armor, Shovel, Rope and 280 experience

Combat Knife Quest

0 Novus Sewers

Combat Knife

Hidden Doublet Quest

0 Tom's Stable on Novus


Goblin Hell Quest

0 Novus Goblin Temple

50 gp, 4 Snowball, 5 Small Stone, sandals, Pan and a Vial of Milk.

Rapier Quest

0 Novus


Toxic Rat Activity Quest

0 Novus, Abandoned Tower

Golden Sickle

Dragon Corpse Quest

1 Deep in Novus wilderness.

Bag containing Copper Shield and Legion Helmet.

Bear Room Quest

2 Novus Orc caves

Chain Armor, Brass Helmet, 12 arrow and 40 gp

Captain Iglues Treasure Quest

2 On the Abandoned Ship in Novus

A Letter, 2 Salmons.

Captain Iglues Secret Backpack Quest     Key_Backpack

Carlin Sword Quest

2 Novus

Carlin Sword, 4 Poison Arrow, 10 Arrow and a Fishing Rod

Katana Quest

2 Novus, Rotworm Dungeon under graves

Katana, Viking Helmet, Key 4603

Stolen Emeralds Quest

  Novus, Nether Spiderling Cave

Key 4611 and Small Emerald

Banana 1 North East Novus & Northern Premium Area Hunting Grounds Banana
Bone Club Quest 1   Bone_Club
Copper Shield Quest 1   Copper_Shield and Viking_Helmet
Dead Elf Key Quest 1   Silver Key #4611
Minotaur Ruins Quest 20   Wand_of_Light and Dice
Pumpkin Face Quest 1   Pumpkin Head
Rotworm Key Quest 1   Wooden Key #4602
Torch Quest 1   Torch
Witch's Key Quest 1   Copper Key #4604
Witch's Lost Key Quest 1   Wooden Key #4614



Exchange Quests on Novus

Name Level Location Reward

Antidote Rune Quest

0 Billy on Premium side of Novus.


Bear Room Quest

2 Near the Bear Room Quest.

Key #4601, Chain_Armor, Brass_Helmet, and Present.

Amber's Lost Notebook

2 Novus

Notebook or Short Sword.

Small Axe Quest

2 Novus

Small Axe that you can exchange for Pick.

Studded Legs Quest

2 North-west side of Novus.

Honey Flower that you can change for Studded Legs

Studded Shield Quest

2 North-east Novus.

Studded Shield

A One Hundred Thousand Deal 1 Premium Area Scarf.




Outfit and Addon Quests

Name Level Location Reward

Fashionable Adventures Quest

0 All over Novus Citizen Addons 1 and 2