Orc Warrior

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Orc Warrior
Orc Warrior.gif
Heart.png Hit Points: 125
Xp.png Experience: 100
Summon.png Summon: 360
Convince.png Convince: 360
Abilities:Melee (0-60)
Push Objects:
Walks Around:Fire, Energy, Poison
Est. Max Damage:60 hp per turn
Immune To:None
Neutral To:Physical, Fire, Energy, Poison, Life Drain
Sounds:"Alk!"; "Trak grrrr brik."; "Grow truk grrrr."
Task:1000 (The Minotaur Faction)
Note:Orc Warriors run in low health (10 hp or less).
Strategy:Dangerous for bad equipped or lower levels. They have a decent armor so make sure you have enough skills and a good weapon when fighting as a Warrior. Their exp / hp ratio is horrible but it is worth killing them when hunting stronger Orcs as they drop Chain Armors which are a good lootbag item.
Loot:0-15 gp, Wooden Shield, Sabre, Meat, Chain Armor, Bottle, Studded Club, Poison Dagger (very rare)
Skinnable:Iron Headpiece (Hunter's Knife)
Location:Orc Fortress, northwest of Thais, Outlaw Camp, Folda, Garrogat Orc Cave, Maze of Lost Souls, Elvenbane Castle, Ancient Temple, northwest of Thais, Coldridge

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