Pits of Inferno

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Pits of Inferno dragonlord.gif

Near City: Venore
Location: South west of Venore, Plains of Havoc, where the Nightmare Knights established a base to fight evil. The Ruthless Seven have taken it over and turned it into a horrifying stronghold of evil.
The entrance to the Pits of Inferno is located in a small chamber, sealed by a magic wall along with the Well of Life and the Shrine of Wonders.
The pits of inferno are full of strong creatures, such as Demon Skeleton, Dragon and Dragon Lord. Only the bravest adventurers dare to invoke the wrath of the creatures that lurk there.

If you walk to the far bottom left corner of the bottom left room you can find empty mapping.

You need a gemmed book to get into poi.

Pits of Inferno (Dragon Lair)
The Pits of Inferno Dragon Lair is the biggest dragon lair in the game. There are mainly Dragon Lords, but also a few Dragons.

Picture Name Experience Hitpoints



1400 1000



4200 1900

Pits of Inferno Demon Skeletons
The amount of Demon Skeleton in poi is immense. If you want to finish your Demon Skeleton task, do it here. Here you can find the most Demon Skeleton on Medivia.

Picture Name Experience Hitpoints


Demon Skeleton

440 400

There is NO Pits of Inferno "quest" on Medivia.

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