Quests on Main

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Quests on Main.
Name Required Level Recommended Level Location Reward

Alawar's Vault Quest

0 10 Senja/Folda

3 White Pearl, Broad Sword

Amazon Camp Quest

0 15 Amazon Camp, Near Venore

White Pearl, 2 Black Pearl, Crystal Necklace, Dwarven Ring, 100 gp

Axe Ring Quest

0 15 east of Venore

Axe Ring, Magic Light Wand, Blank Rune

Battle Axe Quest

0 8 Thais, sewers

Battle Axe

Barbarian Axe Quest

0 40 Garrogat Orc Cave

Barbarian Axe

Berserker Treasure Quest

0 40 Garrogat Orc Cave

3 White Pearl and 175 gp.

Blood Herb Quest

0 30 Venore Swamp

Blood Herb

Dark Armor Quest

0 40 Garrogat Orc Cave

Dark Armor

Dark Helmet Quest

0 20 below Ice Islands

Dark Helmet, Key 4502

Dead Archer Quest

0 15 Thais Troll Cave

Bow, 5 Poison Arrow, Mana_Fluid, Life Fluid.

Double Hero Quest

0 45 Hero Cave, north of Garrogat

Club Ring, Red Gem

Garrogat Goblin Quest

0 8 Goblin Cave, West of Garrogat

Steel Shield, Silver Amulet

Elvenbane Quest

0 35 Elvenbane Castle, near Ab'Dendriel

Morning Star, Dwarven Shield, Blank Rune, Spellbook, 2 Small Diamond and 100 gp.

Emperor's Cookies Quest

0 8 Kazordoon

Key 3800, a bag with 20+7 cookie & Key 3801 and Key 3802

Exploring The North Quest

0 25 Carlin, Northport

Ability to travel to Forgula and Coldridge

Fanfare Quest

0 8 Carlin Graveyard


Geomancer Quest

0 25 Mount Sternum Undead Cave

Small Sapphire, Small Diamond, Dwarven Ring

Ghoul Room Quest

0 15 Thais Ancient Temple

Garlic Necklace, Club Ring

Giant Smithhammer Quest

0 30 Plains of Havoc

Giant Smithhammer, Talon, 100 gp

Iron Hammer Quest

0 20 Minotaur caves near Kazordoon

Iron Hammer, 100 gp

Iron Helmet Quest

0 8 Plains of Havoc

Iron Helmet, Sudden Death Rune, Longsword, Leather Armor

Life Ring Quest

0 20 Ancient Temple, Near Thais

Life Ring, Dragon Necklace

Longsword Quest

0 15 Troll Cave, Near Venore

Longsword, Wedding Ring

Orc Shaman Quest

0 15 Venore Orc Cave

Magic Light Wand, Axe Ring and Blank Rune

Ornamented Shield Quest

0 50 Plains of Havoc

Ornamented Shield (daily respawn), War Hammer (daily respawn)
Key 3702, Spike Sword, Dragon Necklace, 500 gp, Time Ring, Might Ring, Garlic Necklace

Panpipes Quest

0 20 Jakundaf Desert

Small amethyst, Power Ring, Panpipes

Parchment Room Quest

0 100+ Garrogat Hero Cave

Bag with Stealth Ring, 2 talon, Bone, Skull, Parchment and Golden Key inside

Power Bolts Quest

0 35 Plains of Havoc

5 Power Bolt, 12 Burst Arrow, Two Handed Sword, Book

Power Ring Quest

0 15 Femor Hills

Power Ring, Bronze Amulet

Scale Armor Quest

0 8 Troll Cave, North of Thais

Scale Armor

Shadowthorn Quest

0 30 Shadowthorn

Time Ring, 30 Burst Arrow, 60 Poison Arrow, Elven Amulet, Mana Fluid, Life Fluid, Crystal Ball

Silver Brooch Quest

0 25 Rotworm Cave, Near Venore

3 Small Diamond, 2 Small Ruby, Silver Brooch

Spike Sword Quest

0 25 Between Thais and Venore

Spike Sword

Stealth Ring Quest

0 25 Horned Citadel, east of Osaris

Stealth Ring

Thais Lighthouse Quest

0 20 Lighthouse, West of Thais

Battle Hammer, Dark Shield

Thais Silver Amulet Quest

0 8 Thais Troll Cave

Silver Amulet

The Postman Missions Quest

0 30 All Over Medivia Ability to use locked mailboxes, discount on parcels, letters and boat fares

The White Raven Monastery Quest

0 40 Ghostlands

Blessed Ankh, Family Brooch, Acces to Isle of Kings

Triangle Tower Quest

0 40 Triangle Tower

Garlic Necklace, Dwarven Ring and 2 Small Sapphire

Troll Cave Quest

0 8 Troll Cave, West of Garrogat

Brass Legs, Garlic Necklace

Six Rubies Quest

0 35 Ancient Temple, Near Thais

6 Small Ruby

Wedding Ring Quest

0 60+ Hero Cave, North of Garrogat

Wedding Ring, Dragon Necklace

White Pearl Quest

0 8 Yehsha

White Pearl


Loyality and Devotion Quest 0 30 Yehsha, Osaris Abillity to trade with Ziyad, 2500 gold coins, Camel Trophy
Eye of the Flame Quest 0 30 Garrogat Abillity to buy spells from Tvindorath
Curved Axe Quest 0 +30 Garrogat Curved Axe, 3 Small Emerald

Desert Dungeon Quest

20 20 Jakundaf Desert

10K, Protection Amulet, Magic Light Wand, Ring of Healing, Ankh

Draconia Quest

25 25 Draconia, Near Ab'dendriel

Ice Rapier, Serpent Sword, Stone Skin Amulet, Energy Ring

Devil Helmet Quest

30 30 Ancient Temple, Near Thais

Devil Helmet, Halberd, 4 Small Sapphire

Elephant Shield Quest

30 30 Demona

Elephant Shield, Dwarven Axe, Obsidian Lance

Dwarf Hell Quest

32 35 Dwarf Mine, Near Kazordoon

Dwarven Axe, War Hammer

Crusader Helmet Quest

35 35 Dwarf Mine, Near Kazordoon

Crusader Helmet

Noble Armor Quest

35 35 Mt. Sternum

Noble Armor, Crown Helmet

Mad Mage Room Quest

40 40 Ancient Temple, Near Thais

Hat of the Mad, Stone Skin Amulet, Star Amulet

Naginata Quest

40 50 Thais Dragon Lair


The Djinn War - Marid Faction

40 45 Ashta'daramai

Ability to trade many items to the Blue Djinns, 3 Small Sapphire

The Djinn War - Efreet Faction

40 45 Mal'ouquah Ability to trade many items to the Green Djinns, 600 gp

Orc Fortress Quest

40 50 Orc Fortress, North of Venore

Knight Armor, Fire Sword, Knight_Axe

Bright Sword Quest

45 45 Outlaw Camp

Bright Sword

Black Knight Quest

50 50 Black Knight's Villa

Crown Armor, Crown Shield

Deeper Vilias Quest

50 50 Vilias

Knight Axe, Tower Shield, Warrior Helmet, Dwarven Ring

Banshee Quest

60 70 Ghostland

Boots of Haste, Giant Sword, Tower Shield, Stealth Ring, Stone Skin Amulet, 10K

Fire Axe Quest

60 90 Cirone Molten Mines

Fire Axe

Medusa Shield Quest

60 60 City of Dead, South-West of Osaris

Medusa Shield, Blue Robe, Skull Staff

Vampire Shield Quest

70 70 Hero Cave, North of Garrogat

Vampire Shield, Dragon Lance, Strange Symbol, Black Pearl, Mysterious Fetish

Lord Azeran Quest

75 100+ Yehsha Tombs

Helmet of the Fallen King

Behemoth Quest

80 80 Cyclopolis, North of Garrogat

Demon Shield, Golden Armor, Guardian Halberd, Platinum Amulet, Life Ring, Crystal Ring, 3 Small Diamond, 4 Small Sapphire

Demon Helmet Quest

100 100+ Hero Cave, North of Garrogat

Demon Helmet, Demon Shield, Steel Boots

The Annihilator Quest

100 120+ Hero Cave, North of Garrogat

Choose of one of the following: Demon Armor, Magic Sword, Stonecutter Axe or Annihilation Bear