Tar Monstrosity

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Tar Monstrosity
Tar Monstrosity.gif
Heart.png Hit Points: 1200
Xp.png Experience: 1960
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: --
Abilities:Melee (0-230) Poisons you starting at 1hp/turn, Life Drain (180-300)
Push Objects:
Walks Around:??
Est. Max Damage:550
Immune To:Fire, Physical
Neutral To:Ice
Task:400 (Tylar Tasks)
Note:Really dangerous in groups
Loot:0-135 gp, Strange Helmet, Ancient Shield(semi-rare), Protection Amulet (rare), Sudden Death Rune (rare), Demonbone Boots (very rare), Golden Ring (very rare),
Skinnable:Glob of tar
Location:Abukir Tar Tomb

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