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Known as: In service of King Quest
Reward: Around 2,300,000 experience in total, around 110,000 gold coins in total, 100 Burst Arrows,
Thaian Soldier Shield, Thaian Soldier Armor, Thaian Soldier Outfit, ability to start The Lightbringer Faction, Rest Unknown
Location: All over Medivia (starts in Thais)
Level required: 40 (level door for Mad Mage Room Quest Room)
Be prepared
to face:
Many different monsters however, even if you run past everything you'll still have to kill the following which are required for tasks:
War Wolves, Alpha Wolves, Cyclops Warriors, Thaian Soldiers, Lightbringer Knights, Royalists, Lightbringer Heroes
Legend: The King and his army need new recruits after the Lightbringer War.
Requirements: 7 Pieces of Iron, Some wood, 2 Copper Bar, Bucket, 5 Pieces of Paper, Inkwell, Scarab Amulet, Elven Bow, Advanced Pick,
All Races Tomes: Human Tome, Orcish Tome, Minotaur Tome, Elven Tome and Dwarven Tome
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Talk to King Medivus and ask him about "join" the Thaian Army.

Missions for Harkath Bloodblade


Mission 1

The King will send you to his loyal subject "Harkath Bloodblade":


  • Harkath Bloodblade is located just east of the King's Castle.
  • You must say "Hail General" whenever you great him.
  • Ask him to "Join"
  • He will tell you to go and bring some Bread to Partos in the cells south of the town.
  • You can buy Bread from Frodo in the food shop in Thais.
  • Say "Hi" "Bread" "Yes" to Partos.
  • Return to Harkath Bloodblade and say "Mission".


Mission 2

7 Pieces of Iron (found on the floor as daily respawns)
Some wood (found in troll caves, for example here)
2 Copper Bar (bought from players or made by smelting 10 Copper Ore)
Bucket (sold by equipment shopkeepers, 4 gp each)

  • Talk to Harkath Bloodblade and ask for a "Mission". He will tell you to collect his sword from Tim as he lent it to him a few days ago.
  • When you get to Tim, the guard above the Thais east gate, ask him about the "Sword", he will tell you he lost it in a fight with the trolls on a drunken night.
  • He will tell you to go to Sam the blacksmith in Thais and collect a "Replacement"
  • Head to Sam just south of Harkath Bloodblade and ask him for a "Replacement" he will tell you he needs the listed items in order to forge a new sword for the General. 7 Pieces of Iron, Wood for a fire, 2 Copper Bars, and a Bucket.
  • Once you have collected all these items, return to Sam to forge the Replacement Sword.
  • Take the sword back to Harkath Bloodblade to complete the mission


Mission 3

5 Pieces of Paper (bought from Wally 5gp each requires high rank in postman quest)
Inkwell (dropped by Warlock or Elf Arcanist also spawns in many buildings, the nearest one might be at Thais' bank)
Scarab Amulet (dropped by Ancient Scarab)

  • Return to Harkath Bloodblade and ask for a mission. He will tell you he doesn't have anything else for you and to help out the citizens of Thais.
  • You will need to help 4 different NPCs, The Temple NPC Quentin, The Sorcerer guild NPC Muriel, The King's Jester Bozo and Trimegis the Wizard
  • You can do them in any order and you can have as many as you want active.

Mission 3A (Advertising)

  • Go to Quentin the Temple NPC and ask for a mission. Listen to what he has to say then head to Lynda the Church NPC and say 'mission' to her too.
  • Lynda will send you to the King. Ask him for a mission then return to Lynda and say mission again. She sends you back to Quentin.
  • Go to Quentin again and say mission and he'll send you to Benjamin the postman in the depot. Say mission to him.
  • Finally head back to Quentin and say mission one last time to finish this part.

Mission 3B (The Scarab Mystery)

  • Go to Muriel the Sorcerer NPC in the southwest of Thais. Ask him for a mission. He'll ask you to bring him a Scarab Amulet. You will have to either kill Ancient Scarabs to obtain this or buy it from a player.
  • Return to him once you have it and say "mission yes" to hand it over and finish this part.

Mission 3C (The Forgetful Jester)

  • Go to Bozo the King's Jester found in the courtyard of Thais castle. Ask him for a mission and he'll ask you to bring him an Inkwell and 5 Pieces of Paper. Inkwell can be found spawned in many buildings. Pieces of Paper can be bought from Wally the postman NPC below Kevin (who gives postman quest). Paper costs 5gp each, however, you'll need a high rank in postman (rank unknown) to be able to buy it.
  • Once you have obtained the items return to Bozo and say mission, yes to hand over the items.

Mission 3D (Spiderplague)

  • Go to Trimegis the wizard shut in the room upstairs above King Medivus. Ask him for a mission and agree to help. You'll be asked to clear the cellar of Spider.
  • The Spiders are located in the small room underground north of the temple here. There are only 3 in there and once killed it will say you have completed the task.
  • Return to Trimegis and say 'mission' to complete this part.


Mission 4

  • Once you have completed the requests of all 4 of the NPCs return to Harkath and ask him for a mission. He will now send you to the ancient temple north of the city to locate 4 different runes that are hidden throughout. They are located (as ordered by the pictures):

1 - In a rock at the single dragon close to Greenshore. Here

2 - Down the secret pick hole in the old route to Mintwallin tunnels. Here

3 - In a grave down a hole close to 2. Here

4 - Past mad mage room quest pas 3 cycs down a hole in the dead orc body.


  • After collecting all 4 runes return to Harkath and say runes, yes. He'll tell you to give them to Trimegis.
  • Go to Trimegis and say mission, yes to hand the runes over.


Mission 5

  • Speak to Harkath again and he will tell you to find and kill Zundram who is located under Mt Sternum. He is in a room with some Demon Skeleton and Crypt Shambler but is basically a weaker Necromancer.


  • Once you have killed him return to Harkath and tell him 'mission' and you will receive 10,000 exp as a reward.
  • He will now tell you to ask him about a promotion. At this point, he will have a long long chat telling you a story. After it's finished he'll welcome you to the army and give you a Thaian Soldier Shield.
  • He then suggests you consider seeking out the other factions (Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Minotaurs). He basically explains that you can join any faction without shutting yourself off from the Thaian Empire.


Mission 6

  • Talk to Harkath and he will now send you on your first mission as a private of the Thaian Army. This is a killing mission. He asks you to kill 650 War Wolf.
  • The best spot to do this is the War Wolf cave south of Thais. There are 7 on the surface (the yellow circles) as well as 30 or so in the underground cave itself (red circle)
  • Once done return to him and ask about your mission and you'll receive 20,000 exp as a reward.


Mission 7

1 Elven Bow
1 Advanced Pick

  • Ask Harkath for a mission and he'll tell you he is too busy to give you any now and to seek out other NPCs to help

Mission 7A (Lost Package)

  • Go to Gamon the furniture NPC in Northeast Thais, East of the Windmill and ask for a mission. He will ask you to find his missing package lost in the swamps
    (WARNING: Package weights 450 oz., so make sure you have enough cap.)
  • The package is located in the swamps Northwest of Venore. It is underground where the red circle is:
  • In the room will be 3 Witch and in the south of the 3 boxes is the package.
  • Once you have retrieved it and given it over you will be given 20 Platinum Coins as a reward.

Mission 7B (Learning a Craft)

  • Go to Galuna the NPC upstairs in Thais Scout guild. Ask for a mission and she'll ask you bring her an Elven Bow.
  • You will either need to buy this from a player or loot one from an Elf Arcanist/Elf Scout, however, it is a very rare drop.
  • Once you have the bow give it to her and she will give you 100 Burst Arrows as a reward.

Mission 7C (Powerful Tool)

  • Go to Gorn the NPC that sells rope, shovel etc in Thais. Ask for a mission and he'll ask for an Advanced Pick
  • You will either need to buy this from a player or have started The Dwarf Faction to be able to buy it for 2k
  • Once you have the pickaxe return to Gorn and hand it over and you will be rewarded with 25 Platinum Coins


Mission 8

  • Return to Harkath and once again ask for a mission. You will now be tasked with killing 50 Alpha Wolf.
  • This is by far the most frustrating of the mission up till now. Alpha Wolves are not like regular monsters. There are (as far as is currently known) only 7 respawns on the map and once killed it takes 2 hours before it spawns again.
  • The spawn locations are as follows:
    • 3 south of Thais, 1 on the Surface at the entrance of the War Wolf cave, 1 underground in the southeast area and 1 underground in the northeast area.
    • 1 west of Orc Fortress
    • 1 west of Northport
    • 1 on top of the mountain near the raft when you travel to Forgula
    • 1 through rotworms on a small island south-east of Garrogat (here)
  • Return to Harkath once you have killed 50 Alpha Wolves and speak about your mission to receive 20,000 exp as a reward.


Mission 9

  • Ask Harkath for a mission and he will tell you to complete this fetch mission in order to be eligible for a promotion.
  • You will be tasked with collecting a claw from Thais Dragon Lair.
  • If you are unsure of the route you can find pictures showing the way down in the Naginata Quest page. You only need to go to the main area. The claw itself is located in a rock pretty much straight north from the entry point.
  • Once acquired, hand over the claw to Harkath and speak to him about a promotion.
  • You will now be promoted to the rank of 'Soldier' and be given a Thaian Soldier Armor as a reward.  You will now be able to use the Thaian Soldier Outfit.


Mission 10

  • After receiving your promotion you can ask Harkath for another mission and he'll give you your first mission as a soldier of the Thaian Army
  • You will be tasked with slaying 1,000 Cyclops Warrior. The best location for this is probably the mountain and underground area on the west side of Forgula.
  • Once completed speak to Harkath and you will receive 100,000 exp as a reward.


Mission 11

  • Speak with Harkath and he will tell you to go and help Donald McRonald, Timur, and Tokel
  • As with mission 3 and 7, each of the NPCs will give you their own little mission to complete and you can have all active at once.

Mission 11A (Doing it for Love)

Video on how to do this quest:

  • Speak with Donald McRonald at the farm in the middle of Thais to start this mission.
  • He will ask you to retrieve a special vial from one of the Thaian Camps, and you must deliver the vial to Wyda in order for her to make a potion.
  • Go to the Thaian Camp under Mt. Sternum, make your way to the room in the red circle as shown
  • You will face several Thaian Soldier and one Royalist in the room marked. You will find the vial on a bookshelf.
  • Deliver the vial to Wyda in Venore. She will ask you to bring her the following ingredients: Green Hair, Brown Hair, Blue Hair, Pig Tail, Dog Head and Spiderling Remains, which you will need to buy from players or skin from monsters yourself.
  • After giving her the ingredients, return with the potion to Donald McRonald to complete the mission.

Mission 11B (Getting fancy-drunk)

Video on how to do this quest:

  • Speak with Tokel in Greenshore to start this mission. He will ask you to recover a bottle of wine from a member of his family (unfortunately the guy is a Lightbringer).
  • Go to the Lightbringer Camp near Garrogat.
  • The bottle is hidden in the caves, be ready to face a lot of Lightbringer Knight and 2 Lightbringer Hero.
  • After finding the bottle go back and report to Tokel.

Mission 11C (Bearphobia)

Video on how to do this quest:

  • Speak with Timur in Vilias (Fibula) to start this mission
  • He will ask you to acquire a bear trap and tells you to search out Sylvester in Venore to get it from him.
  • Sylvester is located upstairs in the big building in the southwest corner of the city.
  • Speak to him and he will tell you a rabbit stole his lunch and ask for your help finding it first.
  • You will find the lunch in 2 places in Venore swamp. One is west of the south Venore entrance, another west of Shadowthorn
  • You have to take the top left question mark first (you have to use the plants around this area),
    then go back and talk to Sylvester and he will tell you its the wrong one. After that you go to the right mark and do the same thing. Then turn it in to Sylvester.

Mission 12

Mission 13
Video of this mission:

  • Ask NPC Medivius about mission/promotion.
  • He will send you to challenge John, a thaian soldier; he is located in Greenshore Thaian Army Camp.
  • Enter the camp and kill John (he is like normal Thaian Soldier); be ready to face multiple Thaian Soldier and 1 Royalist on the way.


  • go back and report mission to King Medivius. You will be rewarded 14,000 experience and Thaian Soldier Legs upon completion of this mission.

Mission 14
Video of this mission:

  • Ask the king about the advancement. From now you will be Sergeant. Then start another mission.
  • He will ask you to find a proof of Royalist's betrayal
  • Go to the Greenshore Thaian Army Camp once again
  • Proceed into underground
  • You will find a proof at -2 floor in a chest behind quest doors; be ready to fight 2-3 Royalist in a narrow corridor
  • Return back to NPC Medivius and report the mission

Mission 15
Video of this task:

  • After confirming the betrayal King Medivius will ask you to hunt down 2500 Thaian Soldier
  • The best place is probably Mt. Sternum Thaian Army Camp
  • Upon completion, you will be rewarded 400,000 experience and 2 Crystal Coin for this mission.

Mission 16

  • King Medivius now will send you to slay 1500 Lightbringer Knight
  • The best place is probably Garrogat Lightbringer's Camp (or Mintwallin Camp)
  • Reward is 800,000 experience and 4 crystal coins

Mission 17

  • The next job from the king will be killing 1000 Royalist
  • The reward is 1 000 000 experience and 5 crystal coins

Mission 18

  • After proving your strength on Royalist's Task king will send you to murder 250 Lightbringer Hero.


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