The Horned Fox

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The Horned FoxThe_Horned_Fox.gif

265 Hit Points
600 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: --/-- (Illusionable)
Abilities: Melee (0-100), Distance Fighting (Bolt) (0-20), Summons Minotaur Guard, Minotaur Archer and Minotaur Mage, Poison (starting at 5 damage), Invisibility, Light Healing.

Behavior: The Horned Fox fights until death.

Field notes: He is one of the Minotaur bosses. He has a Secret Hideout near the Dwarf Mines of Kazordoon which he rarely visits. He is one of the few Minotaurs that has been proven to be able to write (as evidenced by a document in his Hideout).

Location: Minotaur tower, to the west of Kazordoon. =518&x=656&z=5&zoom=4[[Image:Map_(Colour).gif|Map_(Colour).gif

Strategy: Kill him fast.

Loot: 0-74 gp, Axe, Brass Helmet, Leather Legs, Plate Shield, Sword, Mace, Shovel, Bronze Amulet, Crossbow, Bolt, Meat, Scale Armor, Brass Armor, Chain Armor, Chain Legs, Chain Helmet, Soldier Helmet, Double Axe, Hatchet, Fishing Rod, Battle Shield, Torch, Combat Knife, Snake, Carrot, Dwarven Helmet (Very Rare).

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