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Heart.png Hit Points:
Xp.png Experience:
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: --
Abilities:Melee (0-2137+), Berserk (0-???), Great Fireball (0-702+), Great Poison ball (effect unknown), Fire Bomb, Great Energy Beam (0-1300?), Strong Haste, Ultimate Healing, Summons 0-4 Demon]
Push Objects:
Walks Around:?
Est. Max Damage:+4000 damage per turn
Immune To:Poison, Fire, Energy
Neutral To:Physical, Ice
Note:Long ago, Uliarthaar was one of the Ancients, a member of the powerful Jarks clan. Jarks tried to control the blood, and use it to strengthen their own skills. Their efforts were not in vain and after just a few years they gained power far above other people or even other wizards.
Strategy:Has the speed of a level 1000 when it hastes. Lure it to the famous spot near the entrance of Cyclopolis. When it's at red health, shoot Magic Wall so it can't run away. The blocker should get the loot as soon as possible after killing it. The blocker won't be able to heal quickly enough when Uliarthaar performs one of his strong combos, so it is advised to have at least a few people healing him. A good strategy commonly used is luring Uliarthaar into a place that you can just keep him between 2 trees diagonally to avoid his beams. Also, it's strongly recommended to use a low to medium level characters to lure him.. Also, keep in mind that when the blocker is blocking Uliarthaar, it will still to use Great Fireball and Great Energy Beam, so you may want to stand diagonal and quite a ways back from it to avoid these attacks or you may experience a quick death.
Loot:0-? Gold Coin, Energy Ring, Talon, Green Gem, Golden Mug, Great Shield, Thunder Hammer, Teddy Bear, Magic Plate Armor, Devil Helmet, Black Pearl, Silver Dagger, Golden Legs, Mastermind Shield, Two Handed Sword, Small Sapphire, Strange Symbol, Mind Stone, Double Axe, Fire Axe, Boots of Haste, Demon Shield, Silver Amulet, Green Spellwand, Crystal Necklace, Golden Sickle, Dragon Hammer
Location:Near sigil, north of Garrogat

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