Venore dragon lair

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Near City: Venore
Location: South west of Venore, Dragon and Dragon Lord. The way to the lair is long, and you will encounter many Scorpion as well as you will have to walk through many fire fields if you do not bring Destroy Field runes. You will also need some parcels or Levitate to get there and back. The lair is situated here. The entrance is =664&x=1046&z=7&zoom=3, in a hole just north of the western gate of Venore.
Hunting Strategies:
Warriors: It is a very large and fast spawn, so it should be very good for high level knights that choose to hunt solo. It is recommended that they bring a few backpacks of Ultimate Healing Rune.
It is not advisable to go solo if you are a low level knight, because spawns usually come up two or three at a time. This will be a waste of Ultimate Healing Rune as killing the dragons will be very slow and probably inefficient. If the knight wants to go for blocking then a small team of two or three shooters would be suitable for that purpose.
Mages and Scouts: For low level mages or paladins it is strongly advisable to go there with a group and a blocker. Summons will not be so useful as most of the spawns are up in towers or underground. It is recommended that they bring many backpacks of Heavy Magic Missile and a large supply of bolts/arrows/spears. Also maybe a few Life Ring or Mana Fluid, just in case.
Higher level mages or paladins might choose to go solo and use Heavy Magic Missile runes and attack spells (Energy Wave) to kill the dragons quicker. It is advisable to bring lots of Life Ring.
Also for low level mages it is advisable to use Magic Shield in case the dragon retargets. Warriors should also remember to use "exeta res" to avoid retargeting on members of their team.

Venore Dragon Lair creatures

Picture Name Experience Hitpoints



90 45



1400 1000


Dragon Lord

4200 1900


Required Equipment:


First of all travel to the entrance =726&x=1045&z=7&zoom=3. Go up the hole then go up the ramp and cross the bridge until you come to a dead end. There you will have to use either parcels/pots or Levitate to get down, then go down the hole to your right.
[[Image:Venore_Dragon_Lair_2.png|Venore_Dragon_Lair_2.pngShovel</span> or other instrument on the hole to go down. Now follow these paths
[[Image:Venore_Dragon_Lair_6.png|Venore_Dragon_Lair_6.pngFire Field or destroy them using some Destroy Field runes.
[[Image:Venore_Dragon_Lair_8.png|Venore_Dragon_Lair_8.pngDragon</span> at once.

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