Vilias Dungeon (upper)

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demonskeleton.gifVilias Dungeon (Upper)rotworm.gif

Near City: Thais
Location: Inside a draw well in Vilias =997&x=363&z=7&zoom=2[[Image:Map_(Colour).gif|Map_(Colour).gifDragon and Dragon Lord in the deeper dungeon, lower levels can still hunt weaker creatures in the upper level.
Tasks: This place is recomended for doing Rotworm task.
Hunting Strategies:
Warrior: If you are a knight, you should only hunt at the farther sections if you can at least block a Demon Skeleton, otherwise it might be a risk.
Scouts: Can hunt Rotworm while can still deal with Demon Skeleton relatively easily, just be carefull when going down ladders and stairs.Stealth Ring might be a life saver.
Mages: Should bring both Great Fireball and runes that can hit Demon Skeleton. Always be carefull and have enough mana for invisibility, or at least have a Stealth Ring available.


Required Equipment: key 3940
  Starting from Thais south west gate head south, until you see the entrance of a cave, go down and follow the only possible way.
 [[Image:rota para fibula.png|rota para fibula.png


Picture Name Experience Hitpoints

Poison Spider

44 26


50 70


70 50


80 65



340 260

Demon Skeleton

480 400

At the first floor there will only be 3 Poison Spider and the locked room, nothing special, but be carefull when going down, there might be lured Demon Skeleton by the stairs.
[[Image:Entering_Fibula.gif|Entering_Fibula.giforc spawn, you kill them with no problem regardless your vocation since you can use the corridors to block only 2 of them. Theres nothing else.

West door:

[[Image:fibula west.png|fibula west.pngRotworm, there are more than 50 of them. The downside for lower levels is that there is a triple Demon Skeleton spawn in the middle of the place, but it is still possible hunt at the south fraction of the area, and even do the Rotworm task really fast. Despite the given location of the demon skeleton's spawn, they can be lured, so the player should always be carefull.

South door:

[[Image:fibula beholders.png|fibula beholders.pngBeholder, if they were not lured, the first 4 Skeleton you see are not summons. As the map shows, there are 2 Demon Skeleton in the south east room, they can be avoided if you only want to kill the Beholder. Be carefull when you go down the ladder, as a demon skeleton might be lured and you can't see it from upstairs.

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