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Heart.png Hit Points: 6000
Xp.png Experience: 10000
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: --
Abilities:Melee (0-200), Life drain (0-550+), Musical Ball around herself (0-650+), Poison (starts at 5), Paralyse (strong), Self-Healing (strong and often)
Push Objects:
Walks Around:Energy
Est. Max Damage:1400~ hp per turn
Immune To:Fire, Ice, Poison, Invisibility
Neutral To:Physical, Energy, Life Drain
Sounds:"Come with me!"
Task:666 (The Lightbringer Faction)
Note:Deadly monster for low levels due to its hard paralysis and very wide AoE dmg.
Strategy:The best strategy for any vocation if solo hunting them is to run and use Explosion runes/SD's and Burst Arrows (200+ recommended). The safest and most cost-effective way of hunting them is by having a knight or ranger of level 200+ block them while 1 or more mid-high level shooters shoot HMM's (and ammunition) to kill them.
Loot:0-300 Gold Coin, Silver Amulet, Protection Amulet, 0-4 Black Pearl (semi-rare), 0-4 White Pearl (semi-rare), Bone Shield (semi-rare), Devil Helmet (semi-rare), Ring of Healing (semi-rare), Skull Staff (semi-rare), Spellbook (rare), Stone Skin Amulet (rare), Tower Shield (rare), Blue Robe (rare), Red Robe (very rare), Boots of Haste (very rare), Black Tapestry (very rare), Royal Dress (extremely rare)
Skinnable:Wight Brain.png Wight Brain with Skinning knife.png
Location:White Rose Tomb, Forgula

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