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| style="width: 538px;" | Provides resistance against a certain type of damage.
| style="width: 538px;" | Provides resistance against a certain type of damage.
| style="width: 153px;" |  
| style="width: 153px;" |  
'''Fire: '''[[Albino_Scale_Helmet|Albino Scale Helmet]] (3%), [[Demon_Helmet|Demon Helmet]] (?%), [[Demon_Legs|Demon Legs]] (4%), [[Dragon_Scale_Mail|Dragon Scale Mail]] (?%), [[Fiery_Armor|Fiery Armor]] (2%), [[Hellforged_Armor|Hellforged Armor]] (5%), [[Hellforged_Legs|Hellforged Legs]] (3%), [[Sunfire_Robe|Sunfire Robe]] (3%)
'''Fire: '''[[Albino_Scale_Helmet|Albino Scale Helmet]] (3%), [[Demon_Helmet|Demon Helmet]] (3%), [[Demon_Legs|Demon Legs]] (4%), [[Dragon_Scale_Mail|Dragon Scale Mail]] (2%), [[Fiery_Armor|Fiery Armor]] (2%), [[Hellforged_Armor|Hellforged Armor]] (5%), [[Hellforged_Legs|Hellforged Legs]] (3%), [[Sunfire_Robe|Sunfire Robe]] (3%)
'''Poison: '''[[Demonbone_Legs|Demonbone Legs]] (2%), [[Hydra_Scale_Legs|Hydra Scale Legs]] (2%), [[Spider_Chain_Legs|Spider Chain Legs]] (3%), [[Spider_Chain_Mail|Spider Chain Mail]] (4%)
'''Poison: '''[[Demonbone_Legs|Demonbone Legs]] (2%), [[Hydra_Scale_Legs|Hydra Scale Legs]] (2%), [[Spider_Chain_Legs|Spider Chain Legs]] (3%), [[Spider_Chain_Mail|Spider Chain Mail]] (4%)

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Attributes are unique properties of an item, generated at the moment of death of a monster holding the item or when painite crystals are used on the item (if successful).

For example, a Fire Sword dropped by a Dragon Lord has a chance to already have or to be upgraded with extra attributes such as:
•  Extra attack (from 36 to 37),
•  Parry ability (a chance to parry a physical attack towards you),
•  Extra sword fighting skills,
•  "Flame Strike" (a chance to deal additional fire damage on hit).

Items are not limited to only one attribute. If you are lucky you may loot a fire sword with all the mentioned attributes, but keep in mind that not all items can have any attribute. 


Painite Crystals

Painite crystals can be used to enchant your items. They can only be used on items that are considered rare, very rare or extremely rare. 
These magical stones are destroyed on every use, successful or not.

Painite crystals can be bought from weapon salesmen in almost every major city.

Image Name Price
RTENOTITLE Painite Crystal Shard 3,000 gp
RTENOTITLE Small Painite Crystal 10,000 gp
RTENOTITLE Large Painite Crystal 150,000 gp

The chance of successfully enchanting an item with attributes differs with the different crystals, the large crystals seem to have about a 15% chance of success,
the small crystals might be about 1% and the shards even less than that. These numbers are not confirmed.



There are currently more than 48 different attributes available in-game; some of them, such as the "Intelligence" attribute, which boosts your magic level, can be used only by certain vocations (mages).

Each independent item can only have a certain set of attributes added to it. For example, the Ceremonial Mask will always end up with the "Presence of Mind" and "Intelligence" attributes
and will never have any distance or melee skill boost attributes. Thus every Ceremonial Mask in-game will end up with the same attributes when enchanted, although not necessarily in the same order.

Note: Skill boost attributes will display a number in brackets to show the skill increase (e.g. Precise (2) = +2 distance fighting).
Attributes based on chance and damage reduction will display a percentage in brackets to show the amount of damage reduction (e.g. Resistance (Fire, 5%) = reduces fire damage taken by 5%)
or the chance for a special effect to be triggered (e.g. Gouge (10%) = 10% chance for the attribute's effect to be triggered on hit).

Note: Not all attributes are specific to one type of item, for example the "Precise" attribute can appear on both distance weapons and some body equipment pieces.
Certain other attributes are restricted to a weapon type, while some are even unique to one weapon, shield or body equipment piece.

The following is a list of all currently known attributes and their effects:

Name: Effect: Available on:
Superior Increases the armor of an item. Albino Scale Helmet (2), Golden Armor (1), Hellforged Armor (1), Hellforged Legs (1), Hydra Scale Legs (1), Magic Plate Armor (1), Patched Boots (1), Quicksand Boots (1), Red Scale Armor (1), Royal Helmet (2), Spider Chain Mail (1), Steel Boots (1), Warrior Helmet (1)
Stamina Increases your total health pool. Albino Scale Helmet (50), Angelic Platemail (100), Chaos Shield (100), Demonic Axe (30), Executioner's Sword (35), Frozen Shield (45), Giant Sword (25), Hellforged Armor (100), Hellforged Legs (75), Helmet of the Fallen King (emerald) (75), Knight Armor (20), Magic Plate Armor (75), Shield of the Ancients (80), Warrior Helmet (20)
Intellect Increases your total mana pool. Demon Legs (60), Magician's Staff (50), Necromantic Bloodrobe (30), Plaguespreader Robe (10)
Intelligence Increases your magic level. (mages only) Ceremonial Mask (3), Demonbone Legs (1), Demon Legs (1), Magician's Staff (1), Necromantic Bloodrobe (2), Plaguespreader Robe (1), Ring of the Sky (1), Sunfire Robe (2)
Precise Increases your distance fighting skill. Albino Scale Helmet (1), Ancient Crossbow (2), Angelic Helmet (2), Bascinet (1), Blazing Crossbow (1), Crystallized Crossbow (1), Flaming Bow (1), Golden Quiver (2), Spider Chain Legs (2), Spider Chain Mail (2), Triangle Star Bow (2)
Vast Grip Increases your melee fighting skills. Executioner's Sword (3), Fire Sword, Great Axe (3), Helmet of the Fallen King (emerald) (1), Red Scale Armor (2), Stonecutter Axe (2), Thunder Hammer (3)
Fortitude Increases your health regeneration. (by X amount per 3 seconds) Angelic Platemail (X=?), Knight Armor (X=?), Warrior Helmet (X=?)
Flawless Increases the attack modifier of a weapon. Ancient Crossbow (2), Fire Axe (1), Fire Sword (1), Great Axe (2), Magic Sword (1), Stonecutter Axe (1), Thunder Hammer (1), Triangle Star Bow (?) 
Presence of Mind Increases your mana regeneration. (by X amount per 16 seconds) Ceremonial Mask (X=2), Magician's Staff (X=?), Necromantic Bloodrobe (X=?), Sunfire Robe (X=?), Yellow Robe (X=?)
Streamlined Increases or decreases your movement speed. Angelic Helmet (10), Angelic Plate Armor (10), Boots of Haste (5), Golden Boots (10), Helmet of the Fallen King (emerald) (15), Patched Boots (10), Quicksand Boots (5), Spider Chain Legs (10), Spider Chain Mail (10), Steel Boots (-20), Tortoise Boots (5)
Lean Decreases the weight of an item. Angelic Helmet (-100), Boots of Haste (-6), Demonic Axe (-30), Golden Armor (-?), Tortoise Boots (-8.5)
Resistance (type) Provides resistance against a certain type of damage.

Fire: Albino Scale Helmet (3%), Demon Helmet (3%), Demon Legs (4%), Dragon Scale Mail (2%), Fiery Armor (2%), Hellforged Armor (5%), Hellforged Legs (3%), Sunfire Robe (3%)

Poison: Demonbone Legs (2%), Hydra Scale Legs (2%), Spider Chain Legs (3%), Spider Chain Mail (4%)

Energy: Tempest Shield (4%)

Physical: Chaos Shield (2%), Hellforged Armor (1%), Helmet of the Fallen King (emerald) (1%), Patched Boots (1%)

Death: Angelic Platemail (3%), Hellforged Armor (3%), Hellforged Legs (2%) 

Elements: Ceremonial Mask (2%), Golden Legs (1%), Magic Cloak (2%), Mastermind Shield (1%), Magic Plate Armor (2%)

Mana Drain: Demonbone Legs (10%), Demon Legs (10%)

Mana Absorb Chance to absorb 5% of an elemental attack and convert it into mana. Magic Cloak, Necromantic Bloodrobe, Sunfire Robe
Reflect Chance to reflect a physical attack back at the attacker. Mastermind Shield (3%)
Guardian Increases your shielding skill. Chaos Shield (8-9), Dragon Shield (2), Tower Shield (1), Vampire Shield (4)
Block Chance to block a physical attack towards you completely. Chaos Shield (5%), Hellforged Shield (3%), Shield of the Heroes (3%)
Fortified Increases the defense of a shield.  Chaos Shield (1), Mastermind Shield (1), Shield of the Ancients (1), Thaian Soldier Shield (1)
Fast Hand Chance to attack twice in one turn. Ancient Crossbow (3%), Crystallized Crossbow (1%), Flaming Bow (4%), Poisoned Bow (4%), Triangle Star Bow (5%)
Berserk Chance to gain 10% of your weapon type melee skill and 100 speed for 12 seconds.  Executioner's Sword (2%), Great Axe (3-5%), Stonecutter Axe (3%)
Sharpshooter Chance to gain 10% of your distance skill for 6 seconds. Ancient Crossbow (4%), Triangle Star Bow (4%)
Haste Increases the attack speed of a weapon. Skull Staff (2%), Thunder Hammer (2%)
Gouge Chance to apply a bleeding condition (starting from 25).  Executioner's Sword (20%), Magic Sword (15%), Stonecutter Axe (10%)
Critical Hit Chance to deal 50% more damage on hit. Great Axe (5%), Stonecutter Axe (3%)
Parry Chance to parry an attack towards you. Executioner's Sword (3%), Fire Sword (1%), Giant Sword (2%), Magic Sword (3%)
Slowing Shot Chance to slow down a monster for a period of time on hit. Ancient Crossbow (5%), Crystallized Crossbow (6%), Triangle Star Bow (3%)
Dazing Blow Chance to confuse monster into walking 1-2 squares away from the blocker. The Stinger (1%), Thunder Hammer (4%)
Cursed Chance to deal 20-45 curse damage on hit.  
Electrified Chance to deal 20-45 energy damage on hit.  
Flame Strike Chance to deal 20-45 fire damage on hit. Fire Axe, Fire Sword
Froststrike Chance to deal 20-45 ice damage on hit.  
Vampirism Chance to deal 20-45 life drain damage on hit and heal yourself for the same amount. Magic Sword
Plague Chance to poison a monster on hit. (starting  from 15 damage)  
Greater Magic Shield Casts a Magic Shield on use, also reduces incoming damage from attacking monster by 10%.  
Dragon's Breath Casts a Fire Wave on use. (15 minute cooldown) Albino Scale Helmet
Lightning Rod 4% chance to completely nullify an energy attack towards you.  
Phoenix 4% chance to deal an additional 20-45 fire damage to a monster attacking you.  
Crushing Blow Chance to ignore target's defense on attack.  Thunder Hammer (4%)
Blood Worm Chance to plant a blood worm in the target, deals damage after 3 turns.   
Executor Chance to execute a monster under 10% health and below 400 hit points.  Executioner's Sword
Energy Swing Energy damage attack on use. (30 minute cooldown) Thunder Hammer
Tomb Raider Deal 20% more damage towards monsters you can find in tombs.  
Dragon Slayer Deal 10% more damage towards dragon type monsters.  
Demon Slayer Deal 10% more damage towards demon type monsters.