A Good Soldier

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Rat.png "A Good Soldier"
Reward: Wooden Shield, Leather Armor, Shovel, Pick, Machete, Rope, Key 8100, 115 gp, 4,550 Experience Points
Location: Start at Eike's house, east of Novus Temple
Level required: -
Items required: -
Be prepared to face: Small Spider, Hungry Rat, Rat and Cave Rat
Legend: Eike asked for help with cleaning his basement from spiders.
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  • Say hi to Eike. Ask for his name and then proceed downstairs to kill 10 Small Spiders.
Conversation with Eike
Player: hi

Eike: Finally Player, I was waiting for you. I hope you remember me, otherwise ask me for my NAME. Player: name Eike: I'm Eike, and I told you two weeks ago to clear my basement from spiders. Now don't waste your time and go inside. Kill at least 10 of them. Ask me for your MISSION when you come back.

  • Return to Eike after you have killed the small spiders and ask him about mission. He will give you 150 Experience Points and 15 gold to buy a Wooden Shield from Scott.
Conversation with Eike
Player: hi

Eike: Eike: Hello Player. I suppose you are here for a mission. Player: mission Eike: Have you killed the spiders? Player: yes Eike: Good, good. I have a more dangerous task for you now, but you need to have some more equipment... Eike: Take this gold and go to Scott. His shop is to the north, it is marked on your minimap. Buy yourself a wooden shield and come back here.

  • Buy the shield from Scott.
Conversation with Scott
Player: hi

Scott: Hello, hello, Player! Player: wooden shield Scott: Aren't you one of the new soldiers trained by Eike? I can give you one wooden shield free of charge. If you are interested, just say YES. Player: yes Scott: Here it is. Have in mind that next time you will have to pay for the equipment. Good luck!

  • Return to Eike and ask him about mission again. He will give you 200 Experience Points and tell you to kill 10 Hungry Rats.
Conversation with Eike
Player: hi

Eike: Hello Player. I suppose you are here for a mission. Player: mission Eike: You have it! Good. Now I need you to kill hungry rats. They are a bit more 'ferocius' than spiders, but you should manage. They are somewhere in the sewers... Eike: I have marked entrance to sewers on your minimap. Also, monsters often hold some valuable items, so don't forget to loot them.

  • Once you are done with the Hungry Rats, return to Eike and ask him about the mission. He will give you 400 Experience Points and send you to the Novus Stables for a Leather Armor.
Conversation with Eike
Player: hi

Eike: Hello Player. I suppose you are here for a mission. Player: mission Eike: Have you killed 10 hungry rats? Player: yes Eike: Good, because I have an interesting proposition for you. Sergeant Vaio needs a good recruit, I would have sent you but you are completely unarmed and unprepared... Eike: I left a leather armor in chest below the stables to the north west. Go there and get an upgrade of your equipment. I have marked stables on your minimap.

  • Before you enter the stables' cellar, a message will appear:

You must use 'Small Light' spell before you will enter this cellar.

Write 'ancreo min lux' on Default channel, or assign this spell to a hotkey (CTRL+K).

  • Use the spell, enter the cellar, and open the Chest shown in the red circle below to get the Leather Armor:
Doublet quest.png
  • Return to Eike one more time. He will give you 700 Experience Points and send you for a further training to Amber.
Conversation with Eike
Player: hi

Eike: Hello Player. I suppose you are here for a mission. Player: mission Eike: Now that is a good looking soldier. Great, but besides that you must have some basic survival skills. Luckily, I know a person who can teach you that... Eike: Now, find Amber, she is in the cellar of Seymour's library. She will teach you everything. Also, if you don't remember what you should do next, check your quest log. It's the parchment with exclamation point icon on your toolbar on the upper left part of your screen. I will mark Seymour's library on your minimap.


  • Speak to Amber in the library.
Conversation with Amber
Player: hi

Amber: Oh hello, nice to see you Player. Did Eike send you here for a training? Player: yes Amber: Eike sent you for a training? Good. We should start right away... Amber: The most important thing you have to learn is the usage of shovel, rope and few other tools, but first of all you need to open chests containing them. They are in the room north east of me... Amber: To use a chest, right click on it, just like you entered the sewers that you still smell of... Amber: To use these items, right click on them, (use with) and left click on another object, such as pile of rocks. If you forget anything, there are signs inside... Amber: Come back when you got the items.

  • Go through the questdoor to the north east and open the Chest to receive a Shovel. Then, use the Shovel on the stone pile and jump down.
  • There, open another Chest to receive a Pick, and use it on the indicated spot.
  • A new stone pile will pop up, go down, open yet another Chest to find a Machete. Use it to go through a field of jungle grass.
  • Open the Chest on the other side to find a Rope and use it to go back up again.
  • When you are back on floor -1, open one last Chest with Key 8100 and use it to exit the room.
  • Go back to Amber and ask about your mission, and she will give you 1100 Experience Points and mark Sergeant Vaio on your map and tell you to talk to him.
Conversation with Amber
Player: hi

Amber: Oh hello, nice to see you Player. Player: mission Amber: You have them! Great! You have completed a course and learned basic survival skills, that's good. Now you are ready to speak with Sergeant Vaio. I will mark his barrack on your minimap. Good luck soldier!

Sergeant Vaio

  • Talk to Sergeant Vaio about mission and tell him that you are ready to fight and possess some basic survival skills. He will tell you the story of Falkenberg.
Conversation with Sergeant Vaio
Player: hi

Sergeant Vaio: Hello recruit! Player: mission Sergeant Vaio: So you are the new soldier Eike told me about. Tell me dear Player, do you know how to fight? Player: yes Sergeant Vaio: Thats great, but do you posess some basic survival skills? Player: yes Sergeant Vaio: Wonderful. In this case I will have another task for you. I will tell you a story... Sergeant Vaio: A long time ago there was a great hero in Novus, his name was Falkenberg. This famous warrior fought in many wars across whole Medivia, but he decided to settle down here in his last days... Sergeant Vaio: Falkenberg, who used to protect our relics got old and knew he was dying, so he gave back most of the items. Except for one very important ring... Sergeant Vaio: The tradition was each family member of the governor is granted with a special ring. This ring indicated his status as son of governor... Sergeant Vaio: The governor died and before this, his successor, his eldest son handed Falkenberg the ring because he was afraid he may lose it, and our hero simply forgot about it... Sergeant Vaio: Without the ring, the eldest son can't stand up as a new leader. Your mission will be to enter the Falkenberg crypt and recover the ring... Sergeant Vaio: You are well trained and you should manage, but remember to prepare yourself first, ensure you have all necessary items, food and that you are well rested... Sergeant Vaio: Good luck, Player, I'm waiting for your return. The crypt is north of the village. If you leave the north gate and move south east, you'll see it. I will mark it on your minimap.

  • Head down to the crypt, and proceed through the only available pathway. When you reach -3, flip the lever to make the stones disappear. Once you meet the Spirit, tell them that you are seeking passage and use the password Falkenberg.
Conversation with Spirit
Player: hi

Spirit: Hi traveller. Do you seek passage? Player: yes Spirit: Only the worthy may pass. What is the password? Player: Falkenberg Spirit: You may pass.

  • Walk east through the door and go up one floor. Go to the north, click on the grave where governor's son's ring is, and then walk through the teleporter to the east to return back to the Temple.
  • Return to Sergeant Vaio and report about the mission. He will reward you with 100 gp and 2,000 Experience Points.
Conversation with Sergeant Vaio
Player: hi

Sergeant Vaio: Hello recruit! Player: mission Sergeant Vaio: You have it! Great! Now we can finally have a strong leader. Good job Player. I don't have any other mission for you. Keep fighting, training and working hard and maybe one day you will set your foot on the mainland of Medivia to pursue your personal goal... Sergeant Vaio: Take this gold as a reward. I know it's not much, but we are not Eschen's professional army.

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