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Arak Icon.png Arak Map.png

Arak is a city located in the south-east region of the main continent, it can be reached by boat or by walking from any of the other four cities on the main continent. It is currently under the government of Grand Prince Yaroslav.
The city is bordered by the Mittenhoff mountain range to the west and by expansive swampland to the north. Arak has a long history of enmity and conflict with the dwarves of Mittenhoff.

City map

Markflag.png Ask the city guards for directions to get markers for important locations in the city on your minimap.



Arak NPCs

Andrei.png Andrei Map.png Priest
Captain Fearless.png Captain Fearless Map.png Ship Captain
Vladislav.png Vladislav Map.png Postman
Lyuba.png Lyuba Map.png Banker
Baob.png Baob Map.png Task Master
Arak guard.png Arak Guard Map.png City Guard
Sonya.png Sonya Map.png Equipment Trader
Alexei.png Alexei Map.png Rune and Potion Trader
Nadja.png Nadya Map.png Ammunition Trader
Bronislav.png Bronislav Map.png Armor and Weapon Trader
Annushka.png Annushka Map.png Jeweller
Stanislav.png Stanislav Map.png Furniture Trader
Labella.png Labella Map.png Mage Spell Teacher
Arbois.png Arbois Map.png Mage Spell Teacher
Arak - Franz.png Franz Map.png Druid Spell Teacher
Budimir.png Budimir Map.png Knight and Archer Spell Teacher
Garrick.png Garrick Map.png Leader of the Lightbringers
Richard.png Richard Map.png Lightbringer Hero
Grondolf.png Grondolf Map.png Lightbringer Hero
Draculd.png Draculd Map.png Armor and Weapon Trader
Lightbringer Knight
Orsond.png Orsond Map.png Lightbringer Knight
Durwald.png Durwald Map.png Lightbringer Knight
Reg.png Reg Map.png Lightbringer Knight
Branford.png Branford Map.png Lightbringer Knight
Arak - Elias.png Elias Map.png Priest of the White Light
Arak - Dima.png Dima Map.png Woodworker
Arak - Laslo.png Laslo Map.png Woodworker
Arak - Radimir.png Radimir Map.png Miller
Igor.png Igor Map.png Fisherman
Svetlana.png Svetlana Map.png Baker
Misha.png Misha Map.png Stableman
Ivan.png Ivan Map.png Armorer
Inga.png Inga Map.png Paper Supply Trader
Arak - Tatiana.png Tatiana Map.png Flower Trader
Arak - Gavril.png Gavril Map.png Shaman
Kirill.png Kirill Map.png Barkeep
Vladimir the Beggar.gif Vladimir the Beggar Map.png Beggar
Lev.png Lev Map.png Meat Trader
Grand prince yaroslav.png Grand Prince Yaroslav Map.png Grand Prince of Arak
Captai vasily.png Captain Vasily Map.png Army Captain
Boris.png Boris Map.png Town Elder
Anatoly.png Anatoly Map.png Town Elder
Sergant gorm.png Sergeant Gorm Map.png Army Sergeant
Cossack.png Cossack Map.png Soldiers