Bear Room Quest

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Chain Armor.png Bear Room Quest
Reward: Chain Armor, Brass Helmet, Key 4601, Bag containing: 12 Arrows and 40 gp; Backpack containing: Present, Jug, Plate, Cup
Location: Bear Room Quest Cave, Novus
Level required: 0
Items required: Rope, Pick
Be prepared to face: Troll, Bear, Orc, Minotaur
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  • Go to the abandoned building north of Novus and down the hole (B), here.


  • Go east and down the hole (C).
  • Go north, then east again down another hole (D). There are 4 Orcs here.
  • Go down again (E). On the final level, there are 1-2 Minotaurs and many Orcs in the room.


  • To retrieve the key needed to open the Bear Room, use a Pick on the mud floor square directly south of the big table (1.). A hole will appear for you to go down. Downstairs, there is a chest with Key 4601; take it and go back up the ladder.


  • Walk north afterwards. Unlock the door (F) with the key and get your reward.

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