Big Mana Potion

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Big Mana Potion.png
You see a Big Mana Potion
It weighs 2.4 oz.
Effect:Restores between 280 and 480 mana per vial, for an average of 380.
The cooldown between uses is 10 seconds.
Weight:2.4 oz
Dropped by:Bookwarden, Cursed Skull (Creature), Havoc Apostle
Buy from:
AbukirZuleika (850 gp)
ArakAlexei (850 gp)
EschenXavion (850 gp)
GarrogatMeshib (850 gp)
IcenhaalDwell (850 gp)
LucindelEthrihil (850 gp)
Medivia Store24x for 10 Medivia Coins
MittenhoffUrgrim (850 gp)
OsarisHylsa (850 gp)
ThorisTorben (850 gp)
YehshaMorunan (850 gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:You can return the vial to magic shops for 30 gp.
Restores between 280 and 480 mana per vial.

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