Brown Mushroom

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Brown Mushroom
You see a Brown Mushroom
It weighs 0.2 oz.
Weight:0.2 oz
Dropped by:Ant, Ant Worker, Corrupted Watcher, Ant Soldier, Grim Adept, Furious Chimpanzee, Bronze Fungi
Buy from:
FalconSamuel (13 gp)
GarrogatNorthimbar (10gp)
ThorisNina (13gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:The most weight efficient food you can buy in a shop (most regeneration per oz.).
One brown mushroom will provide hp/mana regeneration for 264 seconds (makes you 22% full).

Can be picked from the ground all over Luana providing 1-3 mushrooms. These respawn and can be picked again after some time.
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