Burst Arrow

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Burst Arrow.gif
You see a Burst Arrow
It weighs 0.8 oz.
Effect:3 by 3 tile physical damage explosion
Weight:0.8 oz
Dropped by:Hunter, Ember Beetle, Fledgling Dragon, Dragon, Drake, Fiery Beetle, Drake Lord, Albino Dragon, Archiona, Sulphira, Cerberus, White Wing, Phoenix, Ignis
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
EschenEbarin (1 Burst Arrow for 1 Small Explosive Rune Small Explosive Rune)
Note:Burst arrows cause low physical damage in a 3x3 tile area.
Archers can create them with the Explosive Arrows spell, however they are almost never used.
You can trade them with Ebarin on the upper floors of the Eschen imperial castle in exchange for Small Explosive Runes which are suited for mages and druids.

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