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Cirone Icon.png Cirone Map.png

Cirone is an island city near Garrogat, you can sail there with Garrogat's ship captain for a small fee, it's also possible to reach it on foot from Garrogat by travelling through an underground rotworm cave.
The island town contains various shops and establishments as well as a multitude of houses available for renting, and although it is a fairly large town it does not have a depot.

City map


Cirone NPCs

Captain Lernessa.png Captain Lernessa Map.png Ship Captain
Falenkrat.png Falenkrat Map.png Banker
Cirone Guard.png Cirone Guard Map.png City Guard
Badrick.png Badrick Map.png Equipment Trader
Hazlit.png Hazlit Map.png Ammunition and Weapon Trader
Trismar.png Trismar Map.png Weapon Trader
Jeyden.png Jeyden Map.png Armor Trader
Kalvos.png Kalvos Map.png Armor Trader
Lona.png Lona Map.png Jeweller
Sergeant Ramalan.png Sergeant Ramalan Map.png Archer and Knight Spell Teacher
Naret.png Naret Map.png Furniture Trader
Arietta.png Arietta Map.png Flower and Container Trader
Harnold.png Harnold Map.png Baker
Hraph.png Hraph Map.png Fish Trader
Ian.png Ian Map.png Meat Trader
Selvana.png Selvana Map.png Food Trader
Duke Arnolf.png Duke Arnolf Map.png Duke
Gurbasch.png Gurbasch Map.png Steamship Captain
Lem.png Lem Map.png Worker
Torgus.png Torgus Map.png Cartographer
Minela.png Minela Map.png Farmer
Malnos.png Malnos Map.png Innkeeper
Gran.png Gran Map.png Soldier
Liam.png Liam Map.png Soldier
Matt.png Matt Map.png Soldier