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There are two types of containers: Item Containers and Liquid Containers. As their names indicate, an Item Container can only hold Items (not liquids), and a Liquid Container can only hold Liquids (not items).

Item containers have different "Volume" or numbers of slots, some containers can hold 20 items (e.g. Backpack), while other containers may only be able to hold 5 items (e.g. Present).
Some item containers, like the Bag or Crate can be carried in your backpack, while others, such as the Large Trunk, cannot be picked up.
Other types of containers are the Empty Furniture Package, which can only be used to pack items from the Medivia Store; the Empty Furniture Package which can only be used to pack in-game furniture store items; the Keychain which can be used to store Keys; and the Fishing Net, Mining Pouch and Skinning Pouch which automatically sort fish, ores and skins respectively as you catch/mine/skin them.
Enchantable item containers can be enchanted quite easily with Painite Crystal Shards. Some backpacks can be "enchanted" with the Lightning attribute using a Heart of Lightning so they provide light.

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Liquid Containers
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