Distance Fighting

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Weapon Types:

Type: Pros: Cons:
Crossbows Bolts are the more powerful Ammunition. Bolts are heavier than arrows.
Cannot be used with a Shield.
Bows Arrows are lighter than bolts. Arrows are weaker than bolts, although the Triangle Star Bow may come close to making up the difference but is extremely rare.
Cannot be used with a Shield.
Thrown Weapons Can be used with a Shield. Low accuracy/hit-chance. Drop to the ground/break.

General Info:

  • Distance fighting is mainly used by archers, who advance the fastest using it.
  • Distance attacks CAN miss, they can be also be deflected by armor (sparks animation), but, unlike melee attacks, they CANNOT be blocked by shields (they ignore defence completely).
  • Wielded distance weapons (Bows and Crossbows) have a higher hit-chance than thrown distance weapons.
  • Hit-chance increases with skill, but only up to a certain point. The base hit chance ceiling for bolts and arrows is 90%, and for spears it's 70%. Unclear at which skills these ceilings are hit but presumably low enough that you shouldnt need to worry about getting very high skills in pursuit of hit chance.
  • Distance weapons have 0 defence value, Bows and Crossbows are two-handed and can't be used with a shield, while other less popular Distance Weapons can.
  • Bows and Crossbows can only be used with Arrows and Bolts which are consumed with each hit.
  • Lower level archers (up to 100~) tend to use regular Arrows and Bolts because they're cheaper and good to use with elemental bows and crossbows. Mid to higher levels mostly use Hunting Bolts/Arrows, and crossbows are usually favored over bows among higher levels.
  • Hunting Arrows have a 28% higher attack value (25->32 Atk) for 2x the price (2->4 gp) compared to regular Arrows.
  • Hunting Bolts have a 13,3~% higher attack value (30->34 Atk) for a 66,6~% higher price (3->5 gp) compared to regular Bolts.
  • Most 'elemental' bows' and crossbows' special DoT (Damage over Time) effects only work with regular Arrows and Bolts, but the Ancient Crossbow's effect also works with Hunting Bolts and the Fiery Bow's, Bow of the Primordial Fire's and Triangle Star Bow's passive effects work with Hunting Arrows.
  • Thrown Distance Weapons, such as Spears or Throwing Stars are spent as ammunition, but do not need another item to be used to attack, some of them are consumed when used (or have a chance to break), while Spears simply drop to the ground to be picked up again.
  • You need to blood-hit your opponent at least once every 30 turns (60 seconds) to advance in distance fighting as you keep hitting, and at least once every 15 turns (30 seconds) to advance in shielding at max speed while getting hit twice per turn.
  • Distance fighting advances more quickly than Melee Skills. The best weapon to use to train distance fighting is the conjurable Ethereal Spear.
  • Upon completion of the Demonic Faction, archers are promoted into Master Archers and receive a 5% boost to damage done using distance weapons.

Damage Formula:

Like it is stated in the chapter about Melee Skills, distance and melee fighting use different formulas for damage calculation.
This chapter only regards the formula for distance fighting.

Maximum Damage Formula:
{0.0071 * [Skill Level^(3/2)] * Weapon Attack} + 20

So an archer with 80 distance fighting using bolts would calculate his max hit (highest possible not counting target's armor) as shown:

{0.0071 * [80^(3/2)] * 30} + 20 = 172

Minimum Damage:

+1 min dmg per 5 levels (e.g. lvl 100 = 20 minimum distance dmg);

  • keep in mind you can still hit less than your min dmg, due to your target's Armor value.

Skill Training Options:

Skill: Monster: Location: Info:
8+ Summoned Monk - Lower skilled players can train using an Ethereal Spear on Monks summoned using the Summon Creature spell.
50+ Dwarf Geomancer Map.png Bring some Ultimate Healing Runes or Exquisite Perch Meals for healing since they mana drain, a good shield and high-armor set are recommended to reduce waste. Trap the geomancer in a corner and shoot on full defensive stance using an Ethereal Spear, their heals can easily counteract your damage. This training method can be used even at very high skill levels.
8+ Training Dummy - Players of any skill or level can train on dummies using an Ethereal Spear.

Items which increase Distance Fighting:

All items with the Precise Attribute increase a player's distance skill, those will not be listed here.

Image: Name: Distance increase:
RTENOTITLE Sweet Maris Feast +3 Distance Fighting (for 2 hours)
RTENOTITLE Bow of Judgement +1 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Bow of the Primordial Fire +1 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Emberwake Tunic +1 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Soulstealer Armor +1 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Watcher Armor +1 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Vampiric Bow +0, +1, +2 Distance Fighting*

RTENOTITLE Meteorite Crossbow +2 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Great Quiver +2 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Umbral Plate Armor +2 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Angelic Plate Armor +3 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Angelic Legs +3 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Shadowfall Crossbow +3 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Sacred Arbalest +3 Distance Fighting
RTENOTITLE Annihilator +3 Distance Fighting

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