Dragon Corpse Quest

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Dragon.gif Dragon Corpse Quest
Reward: Bag containing: Copper Shield, Legion Helmet
Location: Map.png Bear Cave, Novus
Level recommended: 5+
Items required: Rope, Shovel, Scythe
Equipment recommended: Lesser Healing Rune
Be prepared to face: Bear, multiple fire fields
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  • First, head to the Map.png Bear Cave (B) located east of the Northern area of Novus.


  • Downstairs, head north to the loose stone pile which you will need to use a Shovel on (C).
    • This is the only floor that you will run into Bears on.


  • Once you are on floor -2, head west. First, you will need to clear the way with a Scythe in point D. Then, go along the labyrinth until you reach a Dragon corpse in point E. That is where your reward is.
    • There are multiple fire fields on this floor; you might need to use some Lesser Healing Runes to heal yourself.


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