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Location:Map.png Icenhaal
Notes:Sells mana and other fluids.

Item: Name: Price:
Intense Healing Rune.png Intense Healing Rune 100 gp
Ultimate Healing Rune.png Ultimate Healing Rune 155 gp
Light Magic Missile Rune.png Light Magic Missile Rune 50 gp
Heavy Magic Missile Rune.png Heavy Magic Missile Rune 100 gp
Fireball Rune.png Fireball Rune 100 gp
Great Fireball Rune.png Great Fireball Rune 210 gp
Explosion Rune.png Explosion Rune 270 gp
Sudden Death Rune.png Sudden Death Rune 350 gp
Destroy Field Rune.png Destroy Field Rune 100 gp
Fire Field Rune.png Fire Field Rune 100 gp
Life Fluid.gif Life Fluid 60 gp
Mana Fluid.gif Mana Fluid 100 gp
Big Mana Potion.png Big Mana Potion 850 gp
Water.gif Water 8 gp
Urine.gif Urine 10 gp
Slime (Liquid).gif Slime (Liquid) 12 gp
Blood.gif Blood 15 gp
Oil.gif Oil 20 gp
Item: Name: Price:
Vial.gif Vial 5 gp
Empty Vial.png Empty Vial 30 gp

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