Empty Furniture Package

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Empty Furniture Package.png
You see an Empty Furniture Package
It weighs 10.0 oz.
This package can hold a piece of furniture.
Description:This package can hold a piece of furniture.
Weight:10.0 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:
AbukirAlianna (100 gp)
ArakStanislav (100 gp)
CironeNaret (100 gp)
EschenFornir (100 gp)
GarrogatThordvald (100 gp)
IcenhaalJora (100 gp)
LucindelArlayna (100 gp)
NovusAl Dee (100 gp)
OsarisRashaad (100 gp)
ThorisMarius (100 gp)
ViliasJimmy (100 gp)
YehshaBasit (100 gp)
WinterbayVera (100 gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:Used to pack up and transport non-carriable house items such as furniture/decoration from in-game furniture stores as well as furniture/decoration from the Medivia Store, including house utility items such as the Home Depot.
Whenever you leave/sell a house, all your non-carriable items will be auto-packed and sent to your home city's depot.
The weight of this package increases once an item is packed with it, the name will also change and display the name of the item inside (e.g. Square Table Package).

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