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Eschen is a human city located in the south-west region of the main continent, it can be reached by boat or by walking from any of the other four cities on the main continent. It is currently under the imperial rule of Emperor Arsene.
Eschen is a well fortified city whose impressive walls and defenses are a result of a long history of war with the minotaur race.
The religion of the White Light is well ingrained into the population of the city.
Eschen has several smaller towns in its vicinity: Louserett, Vilias, Dynahall and Vindia.

City map

Markflag.png Ask the city guards for directions to get markers for important locations in the city on your minimap.



Eschen NPCs

Asia.png Asia Map.png Priestess
Captain Bluebear.png Captain Bluebear Map.png Ship Captain
Benedict.png Benedict Map.png Postman
Claude.png Claude Map.png Banker
Radek.png Radek Map.png Task Master
Eschen Guard.png Eschen Guard Map.png City Guard
Grant.png Grant Map.png Equipment Trader
Xanthus.png Xanthus Map.png Rune Trader
Xavion.png Xavion Map.png Potion Trader
Frank.png Frank Map.png Ammunition Trader
Archer Spell Teacher
Andre.png Andre Map.png Armor and Weapon Trader
Dianne.png Dianne Map.png Jeweller
Fornir.png Fornir Map.png Furniture Trader
Eschen, sorcerer, master camille look.png Master Camille Map.png Archini Master
Paavo.png Paavo Map.png Grim Master
Eguleus.png Eguleus Map.png Mage Spell Teacher
Dragnan.png Dragnan Map.png Druid Spell Teacher
Pierre.png Pierre Map.png Knight Spell Teacher
Agne.png Agne Map.png Dianne's Daughter
Emperor Arsene.png Emperor Arsene Map.png Emperor of Eschen
Gavin.png Gavin Map.png Emperor's Guard
Tybalt.png Tybalt Map.png Emperor's Guard
Eschen - High General Geoffrey.png High General Geoffrey Map.png Imperial High General
Ebarin.png Ebarin Map.png Imperial Mage
Jared.png Jared Map.png Royal Jester
Leroy.png Leroy Map.png Nobleman
Uls.png Uls Map.png Mushroom Farmer
Faust.png Faust Map.png Druid Guild Master
Sir Flavien.png Sir Flavien Map.png Knight Guild Master
Numan.png Numan Map.png Librarian
Tamarh.png Tamarh Map.png Traveller
Cyril.png Cyril Map.png Priest of the White Light
Eschen - Patron Tisgar.png Patron Tisgar Map.png Patron
Officeer Tahl.png Officer Tahl Map.png Knight Guild Officer
Raut.png Raut Map.png Grim Guild Student
Didier.png Didier Map.png Fisherman
Dainavehr.png Dainavehr Map.png Archini Guild Grandmaster
Lucille.png Lucille Map.png Archini Guild Student
Akvaro.png Akvaro Map.png Archini Guild Student
Dravgur.png Dravgur Map.png Barkeep
Medivia rdKfKiBOvo.png Alan Map.png Fisherman
Uikal.png Uikal Map.png Cook
Dieter.png Dieter Map.png Fish Trader
Ferdinand.png Ferdinand Map.png Meat Trader
Catrin.png Catrin Map.png Fruit Trader
Vincent.png Vincent Map.png Vegetable Trader
Tourden.png Tourden Map.png Emperor's Blacksmith
Eliane.png Eliane Map.png Tailor
Ines.png Ines Map.png Tailor's Apprentice
Sheriff Joe.png Sheriff Joe Map.png Sheriff
Santin.png Santin Map.png Prisoner
Albert.png Albert Map.png Tanner
Padric.png Padric Map.png Baker
Renard.png Renard Map.png Stableman
Medivia WyeobQKtJn.png Abel Map.png Fisherman
Edgar.png Edgar Map.png Innkeeper
Beggar Bastian.png Beggar Bastian Map.png Beggar
Dave, the guard.png Dave, the guard Map.png Guard