Face of Decay

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Face of Decay
Face of decay.png
Heart.png Hit Points: Varies
Xp.png Experience: Varies
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: --
Abilities:Damage is callibrated according to the average level of your party (there are 4 or 5 different difficulties depending on level which also determine your chances of getting reward boxes), a knight can block the boss without a healer if not entirely unskilled.
Has a variety of announced attacks that deal often deal roughly 80-100% of a player's total health, so you just need to learn them and avoid them.
Pumpkin summoners - kill the 4 summoners in the middle as quickly as possible.
Pumpkin bombs - destroy a few bombs in an area so you can avoid the final explosion
Others - other attacks are a variety on the announced attack theme, just dont stand on the red squares.
[ Video of the fight ]
Push Objects:✔️
Est. Max Damage:?
Immune To:?
Neutral To:Physical, Holy, ?
Sounds:"Your resistance is futile!"; "I SMELL FEEEEEAAAR!"
Note:Can be accessed during the yearly Halloween Event that usually starts in October/November, the event lasts for 3 weeks and the boss is available for at least 2 weeks.
The arena can be entered by up to 4 players who have to be in experience share range with each other.
If one player dies, everyone fails and you are teleported out of the arena.
The boss' total health, strength and your rewards depend on the average level of your party.
The boss fight can be repeated after beating it, after defeating it again you only get halloween points and a chance at the boxes.
The Face of Decay can be accessed by entering the red portal east of Thoris in the Land of the Dead, players do not lose items or experience upon death so you don't need to worry that much about failing, although you will waste some supplies.
After you defeat the Face of Decay, you will be able able to purchase the Vampire Outfit addons from Grim and Vlad, the Skeleton Warlord Outfit addons from Grim, as well as the Succubus Outfit base outfit and addons from Grim.
The blockers of this boss during the first Halloween Event in 2018 received Orders of Halloween.
Strategy:If one player dies, everyone fails and you are teleported out of the arena.
You should have a knight to block the boss, a healer is preferred but not strictly needed. When the announced attacks happen, the boss stops attacking for most of them, so the shooters as well as the blocker are free to move around and avoid the announced attack. Make sure not to get in each other's way during the boss fight, as this can lead to someone dying. Once the announced attacks are about to happen, dont panic, keep your hand on the heal and be quick with moving!
[ Video of the fight ]
Loot:Players receive a certain amount of crystal coins, experience points, halloween points and possibly (a) reward box(es) when the boss dies.
The amount of gold, experience and points, as well as the chance of getting any of the 3 kinds of reward boxes, depend on the average level of the party. The higher your average level, the better your reward. There are 4 or 5 different difficulty levels.
Location:Special arena; entrance in the center of the Land of the Dead east of Thoris (here Map.png)

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Medium Strife Mystery Box.png Common Box
Any item from Grim's offer.
Small Strife Mystery Box.png Rare Box
Image: Name:
Stuffed Bag of Halloween Coins.png Stuffed Bag of Halloween Coins
Void Ball.gif Void Ball
Blood Waterfall Tapestry.gif Blood Waterfall Tapestry
Mana Waterfall Tapestry.gif Mana Waterfall Tapestry
Pentagram Tapestry 1.gif Pentagram Tapestry (Blue)
Pentagram Tapestry 2.gif Pentagram Tapestry (Purple)
Purple Fire Wand.gif Purple Fire Wand
Face of Decay Doll.png Face of Decay Doll
Halloween Backpacks.gif Halloween Backpack
Large Strife Mystery Box.png Very Rare Box
Image: Name:
Halloween Backpacks.gif Halloween Backpack
Skull Backpack.png Skull Backpack