Fire Wall

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Encreo mas mer ignis.png Fire Wall
Incantation: Encreo Mas Mer Ignis
Cost: 2000 gp
Magic Level: 33 (spell) ? (to use)
Charges: 4
Dropped by: Ignis
Mana 200 magic points
Premium: ✔️
Effect: Creates a Fire Wall rune with 4 charges (requires 1 Blank Rune).
Note: The rune creates a 1x5 line of Fire Fields if shot straight from the body. If shot at an angle diagonally, a total of 9 energy field squares will be made spanning 5 sqm vertical and 5 sqm horizontal in a diagonal "line".

Old sprite: Fire wall (2).gif

Buy spell from:
City Druids Mages Archers
Abukir --- --- ---
Arak Franz Labella ---
Cirone --- --- ---
Eschen Dragnan Eguleus ---
Garrogat --- --- ---
Lucindel Anras Vana de Soldar ---
Mittenhoff Tuggot Tuggot ---
Osaris Bedhin Bedhin ---
Thoris El'fandal Jakob ---
Yehsha Sabri Haffnal ---

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