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Garrogat Icon.png Garrogat Map.png

Garrogat is an island and city just off the eastern coast of the main continent, it can be reached by ship or by gryphon and is currently under the rule of King Ulf the Second.
Garrogat is home to a number of highly skilled mages as well as the mysterious Order of the Holy Rose, who have a considerable influence in the city and its rule.
The city has a history fraught with cultish and demonic activities.
Garrogat has a small town to the north-east of the city called Stonehome under its jurisdiction, as well as an island city called Cirone which can be accessed by the ship in Garrogat. The sage Nordag can also be reached by sailing from Cirone.

City map

Markflag.png Ask the city guards for directions to get markers for important locations in the city on your minimap.



Garrogat NPCs

Celan.png Celan Map.png Sister of the Order
Captain Breg.png Captain Breg Map.png Ship Captain
Pino.png Pino Map.png Gryphon Caretaker
Chloe.png Chloe Map.png Postwoman
Montaro.png Montaro Map.png Banker
Leonard.png Leonard Map.png Task Master
Garrogat Guard.png Garrogat Guard Map.png City Guard
Aemond, the guard.png Aemond, the guard Map.png City Guard
Ned, the guard.png Ned, the guard Map.png City Guard
Hirul, the guard.png Hirul, the guard Map.png City Guard
Manfred, the guard.png Manfred, the guard Map.png City Guard
Loma, the Guard.png Loma, the Guard Map.png City Guard
Fimba.png Fimba Map.png Equipment Trader
Jodi.png Jodi Map.png Rune Trader
Meshib.png Meshib Map.png Potion Trader
Risdarick.png Risdarick Map.png Ammunition, Armor & Weapon Trader
Leunaurd.png Leunaurd Map.png Jeweller
Thordvald.png Thordvald Map.png Furniture Trader
Professor Flitwick.png Professor Flitwick Map.png Spell Teacher
Togrim.png Togrim Map.png Spell Teacher
Tvindorath.png Tvindorath Map.png Spell Teacher
King Ulf the Second.png King Ulf the Second Map.png King of Garrogat
Ruppel Heldmann.png Ruppel Heldmann Map.png Grandmaster of the Order
Miranda Bruss.png Miranda Bruss Map.png Food Trader
Beatrice.png Beatrice Map.png Cook
Gefuin.png Gefuin Map.png Army Commander
Ehrenfried.png Ehrenfried Map.png Monk
Marizoth.png Marizoth Map.png King's Mage
Cicimola.png Cicimola Map.png Mage
Northimbar.png Northimbar Map.png Flower and Mushroom Trader
Norna.png Norna Map.png Paper Supply Trader
Lianda.png Lianda Map.png Mage
Glechoma.png Glechoma Map.png Demonologist
Ina.png Ina Map.png Tailor
Hermann.png Hermann Map.png Innkeeper