Honey Flower

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Honey Flower.gif
You see a Honey Flower
It weighs 10.0 oz.
Weight:10.0 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:
AbukirAlianna (5 gp)
ArakStanislav (5 gp), Tatiana (5 gp)
CironeNaret (5 gp), Arietta (5 gp)
EschenFornir (5 gp)
GarrogatThordvald (5 gp)
IcenhaalJora (5 gp)
LucindelArlayna (5 gp)
NovusAl Dee (5 gp)
OsarisRashaad (5 gp)
ThorisMarius (5 gp)
ViliasJimmy (5 gp)
YehshaBasit (5 gp)
WinterbayVera (5 gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Exchange:1 for Studded Legs.png Studded Legs from Lee'Delle (Novus).
Note:Can be found in various places in Medivia but is rare on Novus, where it can only be purchased from Al Dee if you have a premium account. Weaker monsters do not walk on it, so it can therefore be used to block or trap them.

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