How to Contribute

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How to contribute?

The wiki relies on the goodwill of the end-user community for its maintenance and update. Any member of the public is able to read the wiki and leave a comment on the discussion page.

 If you feel like contributing, either message Farrk (Legacy), Reinhard van Astrea (Legacy) or Saelvas Saelvius (Legacy) in-game or ask for edit rights in our Discord server.


What types of contribution can be made?

There are many different ways you can contribute to this wiki:

  • You can post to the discussion board without registering on this particular wiki. You might want to do this to make some general suggestions about this wiki, or alternatively to ask a question about a specific variable that you hope someone might be able to answer within the wiki.
  • If you spot errors of fact on the wiki you can apply to join the wiki so that you can correct it. It always helps if you are able to reference the correction you make to a peer-reviewed article or an official document. However, this is not essential and we would definitely prefer pages to be correct, even if you are not able to provide a source.
  • You are welcome to add entirely new sentences, paragraphs, and sections. Please do not feel that you need to maintain the existing structure of sub-headings if you do not feel they fit the variable adequately.
  • You are welcome to create entirely new pages, especially if you feel a particular page is so large that it needs to be split.
  • We aspire to make the wiki referenced to peer-reviewed articles and official documentation as far as possible. If you are able to help do this then please do add references using standard Harvard referencing.

With what do we need help right now?

We need your help with adding new stuff that has been introduced in recent updates. Also, we need to refresh old item/monster/npc pages. To do it we are using templates. Guide how to use them you can find there. It's easy :)