Hunting Bolt

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Hunting Bolt
You see a Hunting Bolt (Atk:34). 
It weighs 0.8 oz.
Weight:0.8 oz.
Loot value:7 gp
Dropped by:Archer, Dwarf Soldier, Minotaur Archer, Royalist
Buy from:
AbukirAremis (5 gp; only after completing the Helping a friend Aremis Quest), Tamara (10 gp), Rasul (10 gp)
ArakNadya (10 gp), Bronislav (10 gp)
CironeHazlit (10 gp)
DynahallGirdan (10 gp)
EschenFrank (10 gp), Andre (10 gp)
GarrogatRisdarick (10 gp)
IcenhaalSpec (10 gp), Daevi (10 gp)
LucindelDalos (10 gp)
MittenhoffGlorin (10 gp), Mutig (10 gp)
OsarisHorif (10 gp), Quasim (10 gp)
ThorisDietrich (10 gp), Cord (10 gp), Agathe (10 gp)
ViliasPeter (10 gp)
YehshaAadim (10 gp), Rihs (10 gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:Hunting bolts (Atk: 34) are projectiles fired out of a crossbow, usually by archers. You can make 10 of them by casting the Conjure Hunting Bolt.

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