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Antar vid.png Invisible
Incantation: Antar Vid
Cost: 1000 gp
Magic Level: 15
Mana 210 mana points
Effect: Turns you invisible to lesser creatures for 3 minutes and 20 seconds.
Note: Very useful spell while fighting creatures that cannot see invisible players such as Revenants. NPCs don't advertise this spell when asked. It's no longer called Invisibility.
Learn spell from:
City Druids Mages Archers Knights
Abukir --- --- Frederic ---
Arak Franz Arbois Budimir ---
Cirone --- --- Sergeant Ramalan ---
Eschen Dragnan Eguleus Frank ---
Garrogat --- --- --- ---
Lucindel Anras Gloringwe Sylva al Valandril ---
Mittenhoff Tuggot Tuggot Rudgrok ---
Osaris Bedhin Bedhin Nafir ---
Thoris El'fandal Torben Adelheid ---
Yehsha Sabri Haffnal Nadim ---

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