Katana Quest

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Katana.png Katana Quest
Reward: Katana, Viking Helmet, Key 4603
Location: Map.png East of Novus
Level recommended: 8+
Items required: Rope, Shovel
Equipment recommended: 2 Antidote Runes
Be prepared to face: Spider, Poison Spider, Nether Spiderling, Skeleton, Rotworm, Ghoul, multiple poison fields
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  • Go to the area east of the town of Novus, here, and open the hole with a Shovel.



  • In the cave marked with D, there are some Skeleton spawns. It is recommended you kill them all before proceeding, as they will follow you and might even block your way back. Then, move to point E as marked on the below map, where you will see multiple poison fields.



  • Proceed through the poison fields and follow the map below to obtain Key 4603 which is hidden in a dead body.
    • There are 2 Rotworms here.
    • You might have to move a few corpses around to find the one with the key.



  • Go back south and slightly to the east, where you will have to use the newly obtained Key 4603 to open a door. Then, proceed downstairs, where a single Rotworm awaits.


  • Then, head through another door to your left, which also needs to be open with Key 4603. You will find many dead bodies there, including two with your reward: a Katana and a Viking Helmet.
    • There are 2 Skeletons in this room.
    • Note: It is possible a single Ghoul from behind the wall will be freed - this should be treated with caution.


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