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You see a Label
It weighs 0.1 oz.
Weight:0.1 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:
AbukirAbdullah (only with a Parcel)
ArakVladislav, Kevin (only with a Parcel)
EschenBenedict (only with a Parcel)
GarrogatChloe (only with a Parcel)
IcenhaalFrances (only with a Parcel)
LouserettUlf (only with a Parcel))
LucindelElashor (only with a Parcel)
MittenhoffMurbom (only with a Parcel)
OsarisFara, Shimbar (only with a Parcel)
ThorisSnetir (only with a Parcel)
YehshaFarid (only with a Parcel)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:Labels must be placed within Parcel to address the right recipient. Labels must hold the recipient's name in the first line and the destination town in the second. Free characters can be used to leave a short message after the second line. Remember that a space and a new line count as one character each.

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