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You see a Letter
It weighs 0.5 oz.
Weight:0.5 oz
Dropped by:Dwarf
Buy from:
ArakVladislav (8/5* gp), Kevin (8/5* gp)
EschenBenedict (8/5* gp)
GarrogatChloe (8/5* gp)
IcenhaalFrances (8/5* gp)
LouserettUlf (8/5* gp)
LucindelElashor (10/5* gp)
MittenhoffMurbom (5 gp)
OsarisFara (5 gp), Shimbar (8/5* gp)
ThorisSnetir (8/5* gp)
YehshaFarid (5 gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:Can be written on (up to ~2000 characters). Letters can be sent to leave other players a message. In case someone is not online or have not been online for a longer time, this is a way to contact them. Letters must hold the recipient's name in the first line and the destination town in the second line, just like Label. All other free letter space can be used to leave a message, beginning at the third line. Remember that spaces and new lines count as one character each.
*The price of letters at all merchants drops when you complete The Postman Missions Quest.

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