Life Fluid

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Life Fluid.gif
You see a Vial of Life Fluid
It weighs 1.8 oz.
Weight:1.8 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:
ArakAlexei (60 gp)
EschenXavion (60 gp)
GarrogatMeshib (60 gp)
IcenhaalDwell (60 gp)
LucindelEthrihil (60 gp)
MittenhoffUrgrim (60 gp)
OsarisHylsa (60 gp)
ThorisTorben (60 gp)
YehshaMorunan (60 gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:The healing effect is unreliable and does not scale with level or magic level.
Used to be the main healing method for Novustayers until it was replaced by Lesser Healing Runes.

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