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Lucindel Icon.png Lucindel Map.png

Lucindel is located in the north-east of the main continent of Medivia, it can be reached by ship or by walking from any of the other four cities of the continent. The elven city is currently under the rule of King Rana de Tholos.
The entire region of the city is occupied by vibrant nature, trees and plants seemingly infused by magic. The elves themselves are deeply connected to the nature in their land and their marvelous trees.

City map

Markflag.png Ask the city guards for directions to get markers for important locations in the city on your minimap.




Lucindel NPCs

Mirthal.png Mirthal Map.png Mystic
Captain Seagull.png Captain Seagull Map.png Ship Captain
Lucindel - Leshilai.png Leshilai Map.png Mylvalone Boat Operator
Elashor.png Elashor Map.png Postelf
Yuviel.png Yuviel Map.png Banker
Ahshala.png Ahshala Map.png Task Master
Elf Guard NPC.png Elf Guard Map.png City Guard
Valkan.png Valkana Map.png Equipment Trader
Ethrihil.png Ethrihil Map.png Rune and Potion Trader
Eldril al Valandril.png Eldril al Valandril Map.png Ammunition Trader
Valandril.png Valandril Map.png Armor Trader
Dalos.png Dalos Map.png Weapon Trader
Edea.png Edea Map.png Jeweller
Arlayna.png Arlayna Map.png Furniture Trader
Gloringwe.png Gloringwe Map.png Mage Spell Teacher
Vana De Soldar.png Vana de Soldar Map.png Mage Spell Teacher
Anras.png Anras Map.png Druid Spell Teacher
Wistari.png Wistari Map.png Knight Spell Teacher
Sylva al Valandril.png Sylva al Valandril Map.png Archer Spell Teacher
Lucindel - King Rana de Tholos.png King Rana de Tholos Map.png King of Lucindel
Lucindel - General Olanis de Aldaval.png General Olanis de Aldaval Map.png Army General
Lucindel Eroan.png Eroan Map.png King's Guard
Eponia.png Eponia Map.png Tailor
Bariela.png Bariela Map.png Leatherworker
Elured.png Elured Map.png Innkeeper
Cavindel.png Cavindel Map.png Tree Guard
Ingmir.png Ingmir Map.png Tree Guard
Angran.png Angran Map.png Tree Guard
Curuthin.png Curuthin Map.png Tree Guard
Belaeg.png Belaeg Map.png Tree Guard
Doldven de Mitharel.png Doldven de Mitharel Map.png Druid Apprentice
Yavandir.png Yavandir Map.png Druid Apprentice
Thalos de Ereslir.png Thalos de Erestir Map.png Archdruid
Mefel.png Mefel Map.png Citizen
Linda.png Linda Map.png Citizen
Aihli.png Aihli Map.png Instrument Trader
Torendil.png Torendil Map.png Librarian
Valin.png Valin Map.png Barracks Quartermaster