Novus Ammunition

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Ammunition is used with two-handed Distance Weapons. Arrows can only be used with bows.

To use this ammunition, you must equip a Bow in your hand, and place the ammunition in your belt (arrow slot).

Image: Name: Attack: Weight: Obtainable from:
Arrow.gif Arrow 25 0.7 oz Purchasable from: Blind Orc (10 for 30 gp)
Reward from: Tuck Sword Quest (10 Arrows), Bear Room Quest (12 Arrows)
Poison Arrow.gif Poison Arrow Poison effect (1/sec) 0.8 oz Reward from: Tuck Sword Quest (4 Poison Arrows)
Burst Arrow.gif Burst Arrow 3 by 3 sqm explosion Burned Icon.gif 0.9 oz Fledgling Dragon (Novus)

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