Novus Clubs

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Clubs are the heaviest weapons on Medivia. The best club weapon on Novus is the Rotwormace dropped by the rare spawn rotworm boss Wrigg.
The existence of the Iron Hammer and the Rotwormace has made this weapon class a viable option for Novus players, however swords still remain the most popular due to the Soul Dagger, so clubs are rarely used in the long-term.
As a club user you have the option of attempting to Enchant a Rotwormace, but be warned that it may be very expensive to get even one attribute (be prepared to invest 500k or possibly more).

Image: Name: Attack: Defence: Hands: Weight: Obtainable from:
Club.png Club 9 6 One 25.0 oz All characters start out with this weapon in their inventory.
Studded Club.png Studded Club 10 8 One 35.0 oz Lootable from: Troll
Staff.png Staff 10 25 Two 38.0 oz Lootable from: Elf Arcanist
Bone Club.png Bone Club 12 9 One 39.0 oz Lootable from: Bonebeast, Goblin
Reward from: Bone Club Quest
Mace.png Mace 16 11 One 38.0 oz Lootable: Ghoul, Minotaur, Rotworm, Skeleton
Iron Hammer.png Iron Hammer 18 10 One 66.0 oz Lootable: Bonebeast (Novus) (very rare)
14030.png Rotwormace 19 15 One 29.5 oz Lootable from: Wrigg (rare drop?; boss usually spawns once every few months)

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